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  1. To Oleg or gora, mostly, Can you post a list of function and feature differences between versions and of the modified module? I have tried google search and translate for the OSZone forum but haven't quite got the differences yet. I would like to know what the 1.5 version line can do that the 1.4 line cannot do. Appreciate any help you can post on this.
  2. Oleg_Sch, Thanks for your reply. A month or more ago I could download from the svn for the latest builds. But lately, I have been having trouble. This is probably a problem on my end that I will need to fix somehow. I will use the build. Thanks again for your great work on this.
  3. gora, thanks for the 1.4.0 release. I will use that. For some reason I can't get the 1.5.0 version from the svn page. Not a major issue, so no worries.
  4. Any possibility to get a direct download link to the latest alpha version of the module(x86) posted here? I think its build 1942. I can't get it from the link posted in the Ozone forum.
  5. In the Help File, 7zSD_En.chm, under "Examples" for the TotalCommander SFX, a shortcut is created using the following line: Shortcut="26,{%Var1%TOTALCMD.EXE},{},{Microsoft\\Internet Explorer\\Quick Launch},{File manager},{Total Commander}" The help text then explains as follows: A shortcut to Total Commander will be created in the current user Quick Launch panel as defined by 'type' option with the value of "26" (an undocumented feature). My questions are: Is there an undocumented 'type' option for creating a shortcut in the 'SendTo" Folder using the Shortcut= parameter? If Yes, what is the value? If there is no such type option for directly creating a shortcut in the "SendTo' Folder using this parameter, is there a workaround for doing this? I did try using '53' as the value with the {folder_for_shortcut} parameter set to {SendTo}, but this did not work. Thanks for any assistance.
  6. I have previously installed PowView and connected the UPS to my PC using the provided USB cable. The software seemed to install properly and the PowView UI window opens but I didn't get any info from the UPS, so it seemed like it does need the HID service enabled and running in order to function properly and provide real-time monitoring of power.
  7. Exactly. The UPS I have comes with monitoring software bundled. The software is call "PowView". I can post a screenshot of its display from the user manual if you want. The UPS can be connected to the PC with either a USB or LAN cable to use PowView monitoring.
  8. TranceEnergy, Thanks for your reply, if you can remember or come up anything on this service and what needs to be kept using nlite for it to be maintained that would be fantastic. I will keep monitoring this thread.
  9. I'm new to this forum, have just skimmed through the first 8 pages of this thread and done a few searches on the terms "HID" and "Human Interface Device" and not found an answer. Sorry if I have overlooked it. In line with this thread's title, what shouldn't be removed during an nlite modification to maintain HID module functionality? I am running XP with SP3 slipstreamed using nlite. I apparently removed a component necessary for the HID service. I don't recall seeing it listed in the nlite "Remove components" window. I just purchased a UPS with a third-party monitoring software that requires this service in order to work. I would like to run the monitoring service software because I live in an area with very unstable electrical transmission and have had an expensive power supply and monitor toasted previously. Does anyone have information on which other components are necessary for the Human Interface Device service module to be installed and run properly? If this has been addressed previously, a link would be nice.

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