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  1. funny thing is, at my work sasser didnt cause any problems, until about 3 weeks after the s*** hit the fan. Then somebody. who was on holiday , brought their laptop into work , clicked in thier cable and bamm almost the whole of the company went PLOP!!!!. the funniest thing ive ever seen was the network admin running around like a blue arse fly trying to stop this thing.. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH serves him right for not updating the machines when it irst hit
  2. I would have never belived you until itried it, and all i can say is that Firefox is IE made by someoneelse..... the main reason i use firefox is because of Spyware..... WIth IE i would just look at my pc from across the room and BAMMMMM!!!!! some weird toolbar app would install. Since ive installed firefox NOThING!!!!
  3. Find someone that has a simliar installation as yourslef( I am asuming that you have xp installed on the first partition of the first hard drive. Its just alot easier to explain) Format a floppy disk from within XP. Copy boot.ini / NTDETECT and NTLDR from the c:/ to the floppy disk. ( you may have to set it top show all hidden files folders) and boom you have an xp boot disk.... Hopefully from now on you will keep one inside the floppy drive for just suck occasion.
  4. I have seen that specific problem on a number of machines. However that was after a motherboard change and since you said you have just done a reinstall?????? Best i can suggest is to remove the primary IDE channelr from within device manager. restart. If that doesnt cure it try removing the IDE controller( dont restart) then remove the Primary Ide Channel.... Good luck

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