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  1. Yes, you are right about deleting the folders, this can be done manually, but of course if you will add an advanced button, then you can also add an option there for that. I actually believe that having a separate small button and window for advanced options would be a good idea for the moment, or you can just add line in an XML settings file, like Advanced options=1 and if it is 0 the user will be prompted about not removing the stick... etc and he will see no advanced options, but if it is set as 1 (or boolean YES - your call) all advanced options will available but all prompts like the one advising not to remove the usb stick will not be displayed (an advanced user is supposed to know that) And last, from my experience at working with program GUI design, I know that the most important thing is to have a clear idea about what buttons and options you want, and then design the GUI. If you don't have a clear idea about these (like in our case, where the functionality is developed along with the GUI), the best option is to go with a tabbed design. This way, you can always rearrange the different options on different tabs without too much hassle, you can add or remove tabs, but the interface will be clean and easy to use. If you will stick to single windows, you will either have too many buttons to open them, or you will have too many or too few buttons on them, as you add/remove functionality. Hope it helps, Vially
  2. I am happy to report that copying modelram.exe into the usb flash root is working, everything loads fine in PE. Thank you soooo much . And since I am here I would also like to express my point of view regarding WinSetupFromUSB: I have read some posts earlier, and I saw that you are a little bit reluctant into adding advanced options in this tool because you want it to be easy for new users to use it. While I definitely agree that it should be straightforward for them, i also feel a little bit left out as a more advanced user. I strongly believe that having an option not to copy win9x and lang folders and to make the distribution unattended should be mandatory for this tool. Even if these options are command-line activated or hidden for regular users, they should definitely exist. You have to be aware that a regular user (the ones that you thing you are targeting) is not playing with livexp, parted and so on. It is much more likely that advanced users use this tool at least in the beginning. Please add an option to make the sources unattended and to remove the w9xupgrade and lang folders (like that command line tool has).
  3. I have checked and cross-checked the iso and target folder of Winbuilder, and it is quite clear. Using the CD-ISO or PEtoUSB, everything is fine. Using WinSetupFromUSB I get a blank startmenu, no network... etc. Can anyone please confirm that the latest version of WinSetupFromUSB is properly installing LiveXP to an USB stick and you can run PE from it without problems ? Thanks, Vially.
  4. Kasersky support staff says it's ok, so no problems here I just thought they might solve the issue so that it doesn't show up as a false alarm. Winbuilder used was the latest 0.75beta5, build l. I have just downloaded beta 5o and will try again. I needed the beta to test a vistape, that's why I'm using beta WB.
  5. I must also ad that the tool is reported as being infected with Worm.Win32.Autorun.pze by Kaspersky Antivirus. I have submitted a support request asking that they either confirm it is infected (which I doubt) or fix the false alarm...
  6. Wow, thanks for the quick answer . Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to resolve the problem. I have deleted winnt.sif from the minint folder and created the ini in the USB drive root, but there's no change. I have attached my winbom.ini, just in case something's wrong with it. If you think there's something wrong with my livexp folder, I can upload the iso on a ftp and you can take a look, maybe there's something special with it... ? winbom.zip
  7. Hello guys and thank you for this great tool I think I might have came across a bug. Whenever I start LiveXP from my stick prepared with this tool I only have two empty folders in the start menu, Administrative tools and Startup, and PENetwork does not start. This does not happen if I use PEtoUSB or the bootable ISO, so something must go wrong with the tool. I have attached the log file, maybe you can find out something interesting from it. Please let me know if I need to provide any useful info. Thanks, Vially P.S. The logfile is attached because I could not copy/paste it, the post becomes empty. WinSetupFromUSB.zip

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