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  1. Hi, is it possible to xp and windows 7 from one usbstick? The next question is - is it possible to start acronis, memtest also from the stick. If yes === thats a ultimate stick for me...
  2. How can i integrate UBCD 4.11 into the MultiBoot DVd? any ideas?
  3. it can be so easy .... you must copy the content from BOOT (iso image) to your BOOT directory on your MultibootDVD. Then you can start the iso with this command: Next Step - you must delete the folder ophcrack from your ISO (ophcrack) your iso is then 6mb big... if $lastKey == key[8]; then bcdw boot \TOOLS\ophcrack.iso Bye
  4. Hi, i use the flyakite Guide. My boot cd works very good At the moment i will integrate the ophcrack live cd into my boot dvd. Is it possible with cd shell / bcdw? ophcrack starts good, but then i get an error I have copied the content from the ophcrack iso image to my root BOOT OPHCRACK PRO1 PRO2 WIN98SE Any ideas?
  5. Hi, how can i integrate Acronis TrueImage, BartPE and UBCD? Is this possible? Many thanks for your help!!! Well Tutorial!!!
  6. Hi, is it right that i can´t boot XP/VISTA iso with grub4dos? http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=5705 How can i install grub4dos under windows xp to my usb stick?
  7. Hi, how can i boot different ISO from one usb stick? Any ideas?
  8. Hi, how can i "burn" the ISo on my USB Stick? Short: I want to boot from usb stick... Any ideas`?
  9. Hi, is it possible to boot these os/tools from usb? Linux (Knoppix) Windows XP (Setup) Windows XP (System) Acronis True Image Acronis True Home Any ideas? I used this guide: http://flyakite.msfn.org/ Bute how can i "burn" it on a usb stick? Bye
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