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  1. My significant other is a little, stubborn, Dutch, brat originally from Holland. She's taught me some Dutch but I'm far from great. I can get by... somewhat. You can thank her for the username I go by. lol I'm Dutch and I like it
  2. Yes on the outside, concerning game elements, size of the world map, number of characters, etc, you are correct, it is very different. What isn't different is that it uses a modified/updated Gamebryo Engine and an obvious improvement is DirectX 10+ support, which was not in the version that Oblivion used. Yep =)
  3. I didn't understand every single word but I understood enough. I have a little experience with the Dutch language. It's unfortunate there is a problem because I had hoped to not have to dual-boot. I haven't booted into XP in ages. I guess I'll just skip over the game. Thanks for the information! Lol i thought because you had a Dutch name you were Dutch Your Welcome!
  4. No, Fallout 3 ISN'T anything like Oblivion anymore. The Fighting system is lots different with the Elder Scrolls (Oblivion) fighting system, Fallout 3 is a bit smaller then Oblivion and every character (a few 100s in the game) have all a different voice, so this isnt really compared to Oblivion, but yes, (lots of commas ) some stuff in the game like talking to characters, many different quests and all those things, are made the same way as in Oblivion. *phew* Much talking ehh?
  5. Nee Oblivion werkt niet op de Vista, ik had hem op bol.com gekocht, maar hij deed het niet Ook bij de wehkamp en alle andere sites werkt het spel niet. Laat dit een waardevolle waarschuwing zijn. (Srry if you don't understand, it's Dutch--> This is a reply send to a Dutch person) PS. Een tip: Fallout 3 komt uit op 31 oktober (2008) en het is van dezelfde makers als van The Elder Scrolls reeks, Ik ga hem kopen (voor de PS3 dan wel)en hij is voor de PC-PS3-Xbox360 Kijk maar eens een paar filmpjes en reviews als je meer over dit spel wilt weten.
  6. Post your specs and which version you are using. You used to be able to play Gold version with a helper app called Oldblivion. I haven't tracked its current versions but after the Shivering Isles patch came out, you couldn't run Oblivion below spec. Also what errors are you getting? <--- was Oblivion Mod beta tester Never mind, but thanks for helping I'm sending the game back to the shop where I bought it. I'm going to buy Fallout 3, 31th of October this year.
  7. I can't play oblivion already tried XP SP2 and the others but didnt work. Please help!

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