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  1. Boot Menu in WinPE. Please Help!

    When I load the application in winpe startup I get the "Specify OS to repair installation wizard". Can someone give me link to more info how to work with those applications? Do I suppose to guess the information you gave me or there is a manual to work with the applications? How do I edit the menu? Thanks and sorry if I am impatience...
  2. Boot Menu in WinPE. Please Help!

    Hi! It looks like I need to gues how to work with those applications. Where to install it? how? How to edit the menu? Where should I place the exe file in order to have it as the first screen???\ Please help!
  3. Hello, I want to create a boot menu that when WinPE loads it displays 3 options: 1. Win XP 2. Win XP SP2 3. Win XP SP3 Case the user selects option 2, a batch file called LoadManager.bat will run with parameter 2 For example: "LoadManager.bat 2" The batch file contains command to run imageX and apply the Win XP SP2 image. How can I perform that? Thanks!
  4. net use failed under winpe 2.0

    My Solution: Map the network drive from Startnet.cmd but place the command after call to wpeinit. Steps: 1. MountRW the boot.win. 2. Goto SYSTEM32 3. Open Startnet.cmd 4. Type: wpeinit Net use * \\Server Location user:UserName Password Hope I helped!
  5. Change the boot order

    Hi, I have a flash disk that contains WinPE. My system first boots to the flash disk. WinPE formats the disk, applies an image and restarts. What I am trying to do is that AFTER that restart, the new operating system will load and not the flash disk. How can I perform that? Thanks!
  6. Cannot deploy WIN image Help!

    Hi, I captured a WIN file of my operating system. I successfuly Apply it on my PC but when I try to Apply it on a different, (formated) PC it fails and keep restarting. Is it because I need to run SYSPREP on the image? It asks me to insert the VISTA disk to recover the boot but the operating system still fails to load. Please advise, Thansk!