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  1. KDW / FCWIN2K

    Thanks for the reaction dave, But the gray style isn't the default skin for wmp10. On my xp machine it is blue. So I tought I could change it by clicking. view>enhancements>color chooser. But also that isn't in the win2k version. Very weird! Well maybe someone knows what's going on.
  2. KDW / FCWIN2K

    I've one other question. Sorry Is someone who knows why wmp10 shows up in black/gray instead of blue witch is normal in winxp? Grtz, Milan
  3. KDW / FCWIN2K

    You're right win2000 I could have better do it the way you describe it. But anyway, now it works! But I have an other question. When I start mp10en2k it says: "Setup is currently unable to detect available updates" Maybe someone can help me to fix it up? Grtz, Milan *Update: Problem solved by putting an extra whiteline at the beginning of control.xml* Great I had never tought that I would be able to run mp10 in win2k! Thanks a lot win2k
  4. KDW / FCWIN2K

    Thanks Dave, You're a Hero! I didn't have It checked! No everything works! I'm so happy with this program After 3 years of XP I go back to the OS I really like! Grtz, Milan
  5. KDW / FCWIN2K

    Hey everyone, KDW seems to be very cool. So I tried it out in vmware but everytime I try to replace user32.dll I get the following BSOD when I reboot: Is there anyone who knows a solution? Thanks, Milan
  6. Hi, I found the old webview in windows 2000 pretty cool, because of the file preview. In win2k you could play a music file for example directly in explore. So I was wondering if I could use it in xp also. So I copied the winnt\web folder files from a win2k computer to my winxp computer and with some searching on the web and on this forum I menaged to use webview on a single folder. The instructions are in this topic. But I'm not yet setisfied I want to use webview on all folders. So I looked somewhat in shell32.dll with reshack but I couldn't vind the solution anywhere Is there someone who can tell me how to have the old win2k webview enabled by default? PS. Maybe my english isn't so good yet. Sorry for that, I'm a dutch student. And if you find my Xp skin cool have a look here: http://fediafedia.deviantart.com/art/Vista...ows-XP-64466560 Here is a screenshot to show how far I got