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  1. Good news, HDTV tuner(AutumnWave onAir GT) is working in 2008 server!!! After useing registry monitor in XP, I found some registry is missing in 2008, Following is what I did in Server 2008: 1) open GraphEdit, if the "BDA Source Filters" is missing in insert dialog, then continue to next step. else you should stop. 2) export following registry tree to a file: [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{DA4E3DA0-D07D-11d0-BD50-00A0C911CE86}] 3) in the file, replace all "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\" to "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Wow6432Node\CLSID\" i.e. change to: [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Wow6432Node\CLSID\{DA4E3DA0-D07D-11d0-BD50-00A0C911CE86}] 4) import the modified reg file. 5) then open GraphEdit, the "BDA Source Filters" should show up, then build the correct filter graph, then play the graph, you should see the TV. Now, I just need find a good player. Looks like this is a 64bit issue, Probably because GraphEdit is 32bit app, and it need some Wow6432Node reg setting which was missing in my initial env. Maybe a pure 64bit player should work without above fix, but at least this fix prove the BDA server package works. Cheers.
  2. Well, right now I think it is not my tuner not showup in filters list, but the whole "BDA Source Filters" category not there, so I guess maybe my BDA setup pack is not installed properly. I hope once the these category is in place, the filter chain may work in my system. So, in your machine, could you run GraphEdit and see if the "BDA Source Filters" category exists (in insert filter dialog box)? http://download.videohelp.com/download/graphedit041201.zip
  3. Hi, Thanks for the great work, my setup currently have following issues, and I am not sure where I should looking into: System is W2k8 64bit Tuner is AutumnWave onAir GT, which works fine in XP 64bit and the GraphEdit in XP worked and can watch the HDTV without any problem (pls see attachment #1) I have extract all required files(32 and 64bit) from the Vista64 image and correct installed by using the installation scripts. Also, I have install the bda.inf from bdaxp.cab. install the bda.inf from w2k8 windows\inf directory install/reinstall tuner driver/software several times (I can say above steps are tried many times between reboot as I have struggled this for several weeks) Now, the issue I can see (2nd attachment) is that "BDA Source Filter" and "BDA Receiver Component" is missing in the filter configs using GraphEdit. But I checked by regedit, those GUID is there, for example: [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{DA4E3DA0-D07D-11d0-BD50-00A0C911CE86}\Instance\{71985F48-1CA1-11d3-9CC8-00C04F7971E0}] @="BDA Source Filters" "FriendlyName"="BDA Source Filters" "CLSID"="{71985F48-1CA1-11d3-9CC8-00C04F7971E0}" But "BDA Source Filters" is not in the GraphEdit filters list. Is this issue related with the Hardware driver install? or my generic BDA framework not setup properly? Thanks in advance.