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  1. the question is in the title, I am not sure how to do it. Help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Sweet I cannot wait until the new releases with integrated serials!
  3. ripulisimo, I tried your method but it does not work. Every time i try to install it just asks for a key and if I enter that same one that I put in config.ini file it works.
  4. oh ok thanks for the reply and I will have to try out AutoIt and install4j and see how they work. Hopefully I can get softsqueeze to be silent because that would be sweet!
  5. How can I integrate the registration into the Perfect Disk install? I would like to know how to do this as I can create a silent install but have no idea how to eliminate the need to register. If someone has done this before please let me know how to do it. It would very helpful for me and others
  6. Thx for posting this on the forums and it works perfectly for me. Definitely a better way to install iTunes but I had a bit of trouble installing this silently with the Quicktime Alternative and Quicktime iTunes Addon. Any tips on how to install these 3 silently? DungFu
  7. Adding games seems like it would be much more effort than it needs to be. Also I have experienced that for about 95% of all games you can run it without installing it by copying from a previous installation. I have another hard drive with all my games on it and when I reinstall on my first hard drive all my games on the other still work But good luck making those autoit scripts if you try doing that and if you are successful with any you should post them on the forums.
  8. I have successfully put a list together of all the apps that I want as silent installers except softsqueeze and I was wondering if anyone knew what the command switches are for it to install it as a silent application. I tried /S but it just runs normally. Please if anyone has any idea or ideas on what to test please let me know. Thx, DungFu

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