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  1. really that was the extent of your "testing" wrong, using switchless installers is NOT the same. do you honestly think i would bother posting this at all if all i did was change this "msistub itunes.msi /qb /norestart" to this "msistub itunes.msi"...i can also see this thread is going nowhere, maybe shark007 can explain the difference to you i doubt ill have any questions for your thread later, rrtn
  2. wrong! this does NOT work. setup launches but fails before installation.
  3. that thread is about switchless itunes installers and this one is not switchless also im not trying to knock Shark007 or your efforts with the switchless installers with this post either, i used your switchless itunes installers in the past and still use other Shark007 custom installers...so props to both of you this is simply just another option. my motivation, the same as yours, is the ridiculous bloat of the itunes install package...yikes, what happened to apple? they used to be so cool! remember the quicktime 5 installer? Note: Also it should be pointed out that these stipped down itunes only work with iPods...NO iPhones & NO iTouch! currently i have a 80Gb 5.5g using quicktime alternative 2.7.0 & itunes 8 compatibility add-on w/ this installer which is only english - x86 and i dont plan on making multi-language & x64 versions(if your interested in making these elajua pm me i will show you the changes) and when iphones go 32Gb i will probably get one...yay...and not use these anymore too
  4. iTunes Micro x86 (10.3Mb) Features: Removed Apple Mobile Device Support Service Removed Apple Software Update Service Removed Bonjour Service Removed QuickTime Removed iTunesHelper.exe autorun at startup Removed Languages (english only) Note: iTunes requires QuickTime in order to run! Please install 'QuickTime Alternative' & 'iTunes compatibility add-on' before installing iTunes 8 Micro. Download: iTunes 8 Micro Download: QuickTime Alternative & Add-on Credit: big thanks to clsid @ Codec Guide for the iTunes 8 Add-on

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