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  1. rem @echo off for %%a in (*.*) do MAKECAB %%a pause _______________________________________________ Put this script in your folder with files you want to cabcompress Make sure that at the end you delete cabcompressed cmd file.
  2. I have the exact same problem. I downloaded drivers from driverpacks.net, and Integrated them via "Multiply driver folder" option (I am trying to integrate ~ 3500MB of drivers -.-"), and I get setupdd.sys error 0x00000050 error... I saw a program on driverpacks.net that enables you to integrate dpacks directly in installation... I ll try that and see will the error appear again...
  3. Ok, Its "Cumulative Update for Internet Explorer 7"... Probably KB928090... Anyways, for all who trying to integrate Internet Explorer and updates, be shure to slipstream IE, then updates, and if you add addon od IE (7,8) you need to make addon of "Cumulative Update for Internet Explorer 7"
  4. Me thinks the reason is you integrated a addon pack instead od pure IE7... Anyways, nLite have one "problem", and that is order of integration... He integrates updates and addons in alphabetical order instead of date or custom order... You probably added IE7 updates, and since you dont have IE7 on your source disk, updates "missfire" ... So... Just remove IE7 updates (make addons of them also)
  5. Thanks a lot... Now id*** like me can integrate this drivers Seriously, great work...
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