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  1. Hey, thanks for the quick reply. Yup that fully answered my question. Sorry i didnt even notice the timer. Many thanks your app has helped me heaps
  2. Congrats to all who put together this great piece of code.. I've just tested it with XP Pro Corp SP3 With driverpacks and apps on a 4G Tanscend drive and it worked a treat.. Sorry if i've missed anything i tried to read through the whole post but am at work so had to skip a few pages, do you guys think it would be possible to automate the selection when booting from the usb key after you selected XP Pro (i.e. Choose to install XP then where you normally select part 2/3 have that automated) like once the first stage is finished it writes a file to the hard disk which stores what part of the install the pc is up to and just have the usb key look for that file on the next boot?? i'd be willing to give it a shot if someone might be able to point me at where to start, if it's possible. Anyhow any info would be greatly appreciated. THANKS

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