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  1. i have experienced this strange problem which i cant understand first, i was using my computer and the internet was fine, i didnt install or modify anything, but when i rebooted the dns was gone i could connect to any site using the ip, but trying to use domain would result is server not found in any browser i thought of a dns server failure at first, but changinf the servers wouldnt make any difference; moreover, nslookup was still able to resolve dns i looked at packets with the kaspersky packet log, and found that browsers were not generating any dns request at all, as if they thought there was no dns resolver! same for ping -a, while nslookup did the queries tried flushing dns cache, no result then i thought maybe some dns service wasnt up, so i went to services panel and found dns client was set on automatic and running so i tried stopping it, and dns worked again! now can someone explain me this???? if i start the dns client service, ipconfig sees the dns cache but dns lookup doesnt work if its stopped, cache isnt available but dns goes ok
  2. i think there's an error in the local networking registry file when it sets the xp dns cache, it says "MaxCacheTtl "=dword:00003840 "MaxNegativeCacheTtl "=dword:00000000 i dont think the actual reg entries have the space at the end
  3. wow nice to see i'm not the only one with 3 min boot (3:30 actually) it would take less if there wasnt the 1-minute-do-absolutely-nothin-and-take-a-rest just after the logon screen but of course i've not formatted for 2 years, it's a record for me, i cant blame windows for working so bad after 2 years... its not linux after all
  4. no way windows xp always sets the partition it installs on as "C" and you cant change that later, disk manager wont let u change the drive letter for the system drive maybe u could change the letter in the registry but i think that would screw up things edit: i tried changing the letter on a virtual machine, now the boot process stops before getting to the logon screen, just windows logo forever
  5. yes of course just the dialog cant u just disable the indexing service altogether?
  6. no, you just take the clean xp cd and slipstream ONLY SP3 sure i'm able to search by myself, just thought on this forum i would have found someone knowing more than just "diffs aren't relevant" you know, just like "mstsc.ex_ isnt upgraded by sp3, but actually the installed mstsc.exe is updated to 6.1 by means of ..."
  7. hey, that's what i was asking in the first place! the guides say to slipstream only the latest service pack, that is sp3 on a rtm xp (with no packs) but i found the differences i posted above, just dont know if they're important or not
  8. do the same things as written there but select the SP3 executable
  9. hello, i am making a nlited windows xp pro cd and i have a question about service packs i read that it's better to slipstream sp3 into a rtm source and i always knew service packs were cumulative but i've just made a couple tests and found files which arent updates by later sp's: files which are updates by SP1a but not later packs: mindex.dll msisam11.dll msuni11.dll oschoice.exe wmidx.ocx wmmfilt.dll wmmres.dll wmmutil.dll wmpstub.exe wmpvis.dll wmv8dmod.dll files that are updates by SP2 but not by SP3: guitrn_a.dll migism_a.dll migwiz_a.exe msrdp.cab mstsc.chm mstsc.exe mstscax.dll rdsktpw.chm script_a.dll sysmod_a.dll tscupgrd.exe xptht41w.htm all of these are in XPCD\i386 there are also few others, but they're not important (preinstalled ati drivers, and a couple of .inf whose compressed version is different) why are these files out of SP2 and SP3? are they not used anymore? thanks

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