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  1. I have got the image to join the Domain and everything seems ok, but during the first login it will always prompt the user to set the Network Location. Has anyone got around this. I seem to remember in Vista there was a reg hack at the OOBE phase but this does not seem to work in Win7.
  2. Thanks for this may have to look at DFS, I have got some VB script that hides the full UNC but the issue is running this with the GPP mapping feature. I am trying to remove all typical login scripts from the Domain and only use GPP mappings.
  3. Using Group Policy Preferances drive mapping feature to map drives from a 2008 server to Vista clients and the drive maps ok, but I have a query. Is there a way to hide the full UNC path so that the user cannot see this? As this information always shows next to the driver letter.
  4. This is the GIMAGEX from autoitscript.com. I can only assume it is an issue with the application in that it needs some kind of physical working directory? All the VB scripts I have written works great from a PXE boot Win PE WIM file running from a virtual drive via TFTP it just seems to be this application that is not happy. The RAM on the workstation and local hardware is very high spec and this issue occurs on a large number of PC's both of which are current Dell and HP models.
  5. Never found a real solution so had to use a workaround! Mapped a UNC drive using startnet.cmd and launched GIMAGEX from this physical location. Maybe an issue within the GIMAGEX application in that it does not like launching from RAMDISK drives, maybe related to working directory issues?
  6. I have configured Windows PE 2.x to boot from a TFTP server to PXE clients and it loads up PE and will run all other utilities from the mapped X:\ drive except that GIMAGEX will not run. When the command is typed for this nothing happens. IMAGEX works fine and VB programs that I created work fine. I can get GIMAGEX to work if I boot from a CD with the same WIM file and run it from the optical drive letter such as D:\ but it does not seem to want to launch from drive X:\ Is there a way around this? Is this a know issue that it will not run from a RAMDISK drive? Is there anyway around this
  7. It would appear that Microsoft offers no feature for this except a NETSH script? There really should be a GPO in Server 2008 for this what a shame. Maybe MS can get this right in Server 2008R2? Have got the workstations running a NETSH script on login as the current 'solution'.
  8. Every time I sysprep and join the domain the Network Discovery option is set of off despite being set to on at the sysprep stage. There does not appear to be GPO in Server 2008 to enable this feature on a domain basis I know about the I/O Mapping GPO's but they don't enable network discovery. How have people got this to work have they used a NETSH script during Sysprep?
  9. Resolved the issue, it was a HP Smart Card driver in the server that was causing event log issues. The device has had to be disabled until a newer driver is released DCDIAG /E now shows no errors.
  10. Hi all, I Installed Server 2008 standard edition and configured DNS Zones both forward and reverse and DNSLINT shown that all was OK. After this I run DCPROMO and during trying to create DNS SRV records an error message occured stating that the RPC service could not create the records. The Zones are primary. A DCDIAG shows: ......................... APUS passed test KnowsOfRoleHolders Starting test: MachineAccount ......................... APUS passed test MachineAccount Starting test: NCSecDesc ......................... APUS passed test NCSecDesc
  11. Hi all, has anyone had any issues adding an NTP source? In server 2003 under time and date properties there was always an Internet time tab where a source could be added using the GUI. In 2008 this seems to be gone and there does not seem to be a facility to do this in the GUI. is this a registry entry that needs to be added? Has anyone had any luck with NTP in 2008?
  12. Thanks Jazkal for that very good information it has worked. It seems like a great deal of changes are needed to the base PE build to make the most of its potential.
  13. Coded a really simple program in VB 6 just a few forms, this runs great under Windows XP and Vista but still does not seem to run under Windows PE 2.0 or 2.1. It has been published as an .EXE. The copies of Windows PE also have WSH installed, I think I must be missing something? Is there something else that must be done to the PE build to enable VB code to run?
  14. Thanks for the info used startnet.cmd and this force runs the program great.
  15. I need Windows PE 2.1 to run a batch file automatically when loading has finished. I copied the file to: ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup in the Boot.wim file. Despite this the program will not run automatically after PE has finished loading. If the file is run manually it works ok. Is it possible to load a custom file by default?
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