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  1. Hey, I have got this problem on my 1.2RC version. I did just check that the application experience is a running service! Anyway to get hold of these files again? Thanks!
  2. Trying to turn on network discovery in my home network connected trough WLAN and a Netgear WG602 access point will only give me an error which says "class not found". I guess the lack of information in the message might be because of something else removed. I tried turning on windows firewall but it doesn't help. Please help with this as it's starting to annoy me badly! Last_Session.ini
  3. The new version worked by adding ICS and telephony. File and printer sharing was apparently not needed. Though it might still be the key to my next problem. ('-.-) Using any options in Network & Sharing Center (network discovery etc.) returns a error with "class not found". Will file and printer sharing (server) correct this or is there something else missing. Latest config attached. Netbook_2008_08_25.ini
  4. Big thanks to both of you! Soon I can see if my new config works out, otherwise I'll use your config Kralik.
  5. Hi! Unfortunately my first post here will be a question for help. In the search of a perfect netbook vLiting (Having only 8Gb available for the system) I've probably removed too much. When I use connect to a network and choose my home network i get an instant error ("windows cannot connect to...") without even being asked for the passkey. In an earlier install (less optimized) this worked good and I'm using the same driver for the WLAN. Any help in finding which removed component that causes this is greatly appreciated! I've attached my config file. /Fredrik netbook_2008_08_24.ini

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