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  1. NVidia drivers 82.69

    I have a PC with a K7S5A motherboard that uses the SiS 735 chipset. The motherboard has an AGP port that has a Leadtek WinFast A7300GT TDH AGP 256MB DDR2 NVIDIA video card installed. The card is connected to a KDS Visual Sensations VS-190i monitor. The PC is currently setup with a multi OS boot where it can boot into Windows 98SE, Windows XP Pro, Mepis Linux 7.0, or PCLinuxOS 2007. The video card is installed and works properly in Windows XP Pro, and it is also installed and is working properly in both Linux systems using the NVIDIA proprietary video drivers. I've tried the Tweaked Unofficial NVIDIA Display Driver 82.69 for Windows 98/98 SE/ME, but after the driver is installed the Windows 98SE system freezes at reboot. Under both Windows 98SE and Windows XP Pro the NVIDIA driver installer cannot detect the Leadtek video card. The card required a manual driver install in Windows XP Pro, even though I was using the driver software that came with the card. When installing the Tweaked driver in Windows 98SE it was also necessary to perform a manual driver install. In the manual install in Windows 98SE the card is detected as a 7300GT, and it shows up in the Device Manager as a 7300GT after installation. I have tried the other drivers that are mentioned in this thread and get the same results of Windows 98SE freezing at reboot. Driver Cleaner Pro 1.5 is installed. I have tried installing the drivers after using Driver Cleaner Pro and rebooting, but Windows 98SE never reboots properly after installing the modded drivers. I saw one posting where it was mentioned that the NVIDIA driver installs a generic Intel AGP GART driver and that the actual chipset driver needs to be reinstalled. I have the SiS AGP driver for the motherboard. Would it be necessary to reinstall the chipset AGP driver after installing the modded driver, before rebooting the PC to complete the NVIDIA driver installation? Any information will be appreciated. Followup: I was trying some further installation attempts and some of them resulted in the PC performing a reboot during the bootup of Windows 98SE. Some other ones would not boot properly, then on the next boot would bring up the 16 color VGA screen. In the Device Manager the Nvidia GeForce 7300GT driver had an exclamation point with an error message that there was a problem with loading the driver and that it was disabled and that Windows would never try to load the driver again. I would like to try to get this card running if someone can suggest what steps I can follow to troubleshoot the modded driver/and/or the motherboard AGP port driver.