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  1. BDA (Tv tuner support) on Server 2008/R2

    Hi .. can I get this to work in XP Professional 2002, Service Pack 3? I have run into a major problem getting my TV tuner card to work in XP Pro, have posted about it in the Windows XP section, repeating it here in the hope that someone will be able to advise what I can do to fix this. Synopsis: ======= The problem is that my filter graph to control the tuner card works great in XP MCE 2005, does not work in XP Pro - BDA network provider filter cannot tune to signal - signal strength is always 0. If anyone is interested and/or knows what the fix is, please check the detailed post at: http://www.msfn.org/board/Need-help-Filter...CE-t122188.html. Thanks in advance.
  2. We have been using GraphEdit in Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 play a filter graph (see attached figure) that tunes a DVB-S/S2 signal and used a MPEG-2 demultiplexer to demux the signal and read the encapsulated IP stream in Wireshark. We are using a proprietary PCI-express DVB-S/S2 tuner card, as shown in the figure. This setup is working well in Windows XP MCE 2005. We now try to run the same graph in Windows XP Professional Version 2002, SP3. We are using the same machine and same tuner card, but booting from a different hard drive. When we first try to open the filter graph in XP Pro, GraphEdit complains that it "class not registered". This is because GraphEdit is unable to find the file "msnp.ax" corresponding to the Microsoft Network Provider filter (first filter in the graph). We copied the file over from XP MCE 2005 folder WINDOWS/system32 and registered it using regsvr32 in XP Pro. Now we can open the filter graph in GraphEdit, but when we submit a tune request for the signal being fed to the tuner card, the signal strength is always 0. Also, when trying to register "kstvtune.ax" and "ksxbar.ax" in XP Pro, get the error message that no DLL entry point found, they do not seem to be .DLL or .OCX files. Can anyone advise if we are missing any steps or any important files that are needed in XP Pro? Maybe something that comes inbuilt in MCE, but have to be installed explicitly in XP Pro? For your reference, the XP MCE 2005 has the following Windows software installed: - DirectX 9.0 SDK - DirectX 9.0 SDK Update (August 2005) - DirectX SDK (June 2008) - SQL Server 2005 - Visual Studio 6.0 - Visual Studio 2005 - Windows SDK v6.1 - Windows Driver Kit 6000 On XP Pro OS, we have installed the following software: - DirectX 9.0 SDK (August 2005) - Visual Studio 6.0 - Windows SDK v6.1 - Windows Driver Kit 6000 Would greatly appreciate any advise. Thanks.