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  1. I tried vLiting W7 7100 today. Removed relatively few things. I have been using nLite quite a bit lately for both XPx64 (main OS) and XPx86 (want to put it on a laptop). W7 installed OK, but wouldn't do it unattended. I entered the user name and it has no dropdown for timezones in vLite. So it asks for a username and the timezone during installation. Also, is there any RunOnce option in vLite? I didn't see any way to run a batch file for addons like I did in nLite. Last_Session.ini Thanks.
  2. I am thinking of trying vLite to slipstream Win7 x64. I have been using nLite on my XPx64 to SS both the XPx64 and x86 and have gotten them both to work well. But, is there any way to get vLite to work (under my XPx64 environment) without this WIM filter? If not, can anyone give me some help how to install this .iso and where? Edit: Never mind, after downloading the .iso, it automatically finds it and runs. Thanks.
  3. A new issue. I set this slipstream up to login as the admin. After a couple boots it gives me the login screen for the admin password, but I type it in , hit enter and it ignores it and the password field goes back to blank. Edit: Though after changing the P/W to the same in User Accounts, it works OK to get back in.
  4. I went with the direct integration of WMP and added IE7 and it's few hotfixes into the hotfix step. Weird thing is, WMP11 runs OK without wanting to be validated, whereas in x64, the direct integration wanted to be validated afterwards and the pre-integration "version" worked fine. I put the WMP11 hotfixes into the RunOnce folder and added them to RUN1_XP-86.BAT which I had left out of the last few installations. The batch file also has net framework and it's SP's, directX and other items. Again, I went with the x86 versions of everything I had in there for the x64 installation. This has worked well. No errors about missing .dll's and everything seems to work and is the correct version. Screen resolution still starts at the minimum (800x600). I may try some device drivers in an HW environment. LAST_SESSION.INI RUN1_XP_86.BAT.txt
  5. Right now doing VMware and it keeps coming up as 800x600 when I have it set to 1024x768 in Unattended. And like you said before, even if I had "normal" drivers included, VMware ignores them. If you remember, I never had any luck with drivers on my X64 SS on HW. But under x64, the resolution was always what I set it as with no drivers. Not a huge deal to set it afterwards, but strange that it doesn't work right in XPx86. I've never gone with the virtual drivers, since it wouldn't be an accurate representation of what the "real" drivers would do in an HW installation, and I used VMware to iron out these other quirks without spending too much time on it.
  6. OK. Ran it without ANY WMP or (apparently) IE integrations, it finished without any errors. It still ignored the resolution settings I set up in unattended, and has WMP9 & IE6. I think I'll try adding WMP11 without it's own hotfixes integrated next.
  7. I am running nLite under my XPx64, the compatibility mode goes up to "Windows XP" with no SP's. Net Framework and it's updates (and some other items) are all under RunOnce and are included in the batch file. I tried to leave this set-up the same way I had under the x64 slipstream, just with x86 versions of the files. I pre slipstream WMP11 with it's hotfixes/updates and integrate it into the root folder for the installation, also the same as I did for the x64. I found that pre-slipstreaming it avoids the need for validating it. Unless there is some problem doing this for x86 and not x64? And yeah, I think there might be an issue with the order of the hotfixes. With my x64 SS, I added the 3 digit numbers Kurt_Aust had on the hotfixes. The #'s didn't carry over into nLite, but I think the #'s kept them in the proper order when nLite did integrate them. I haven't found a hotfix list for x86 that has this type of numbering, so I'm unsure of the correct order. I know with the previous list (x64) that the hotfixes were not always in "KB#" order.
  8. On the original XP Pro disk, framedyn.dl_ is in the I386 folder, wmdrmsdk.dl_ is not on the disk anywhere. They are both in the I386 folder in the root folder for this installation under nLite. SP3 could've put it there. Batch file, with .txt added to allow for upload: RUN1_XP_86.BAT.txt
  9. I had these same errors during my first attempt to slipstream XP Pro (32 Bit) and thought it might be related to mis-ordered hotfixes. Then I downloaded RyanVM's hotfix lists and tried again, resulting in the same problem(s). I had started from scratch this time, even going so far as to uninstall & reinstall nLite, no change. Got this 3 times in a row during the windows installation process and a couple more times during/after the addons installations: And during the DirectX installation: LAST_SESSION.INI
  10. Dammit. I didn't even notice it had pulled up the x64 one. I've got both installations in the nLite folder. Thanks, I'll try it the right way and see what happens.
  11. I got my XPx64 slipstream working great, with a lot of help from johnhc and Kurt_Aust. Now I'm trying to do the same with XP Pro (32 bit). The first try resulted in some errors during installation, relating to missing .dll's and might have had something to do with mis-ordered hotfixes. So I decided to start it again from scratch, this time using hotfix lists from RyanVM forums. Starting from scratch worked out some of the kinks when I was doing the x64 slipstream. Now, it won't integrate either SP3 or SP2 into my XP SP1. I get the following message with either SP ever time now: The worst part (I think) is, that it did this step the very first try, it just had issues during the actual Windows installation. I even tried putting nLite on my laptop (which it was never on) to try this, and got the same result. Anyone seen this issue?
  12. Mainly it's the latest (or almost latest) versions of these apps. Office 2007, PhotoShop CS3, etc. I was thinking it might be an intended thing to prevent "abuse" by installation to multiple computers or something.
  13. Don't know if this is anywhere else, I apologize if it's been covered. Currently my machine has 3 HDD's with one (G:) generally used for testing Win7 or testing slipstreamed installation of XPx64. Otherwise, C: has the main OS and drivers, and D: has most non-driver applications including Office 2007, PhotoShop, Corel apps as well as My Documents. Whenever I have had to reinstall XP, the least of what I need to do is repair the installations of most of the major apps on D:, if not complete reinstallations of them. Most of these apps don't seem capable of automatically updating in the new registry of the reinstalled OS. Is there anything that can be done before I do an OS reinstallation or after to avoid having to repair/reinstall these apps. I've seen it mentioned, regarding slipstreaming, to use the "current" installation, but haven't figured out how to do that, even if it's possible. I had some luck creating it from scratch, with a lot of help. But is there any way to reference the "current" registry during a slipstream creation, so the new OS will know about the apps on that other HDD?
  14. Probably no help, but I have a Photosmart D7260 installed and it works fine under XPx64. I can't remember if I got the printer before or after I switched from XP 32 bit.
  15. At various points, while watching the install dialogue, I have seen it have problems finding the file (in one case where I forgot to put the file in the AddOns folder), but with VistaCodecs, it hesitates on that line for a moment and then continues on. No error message, but also no installation either. The apps on another HDD thing isn't really limited to vLite installations, I'll look into putting it into a more general area.
  16. I started completely from scratch and it went back to going OK. I manually added those leading numbers, if only as a way to compare and verify that I had the correct KB's since he lists them in order by those 3 digit #'s. The list has 2 Outlook Express updates, which I omitted since I remove Outlook Express from the installation (I have never used it). I put the fixes in the folders he recommended, specifically the ones in the Run Once & Add Ons folders that are referenced in the batch files. This time around I had WMP11 and it's fixes in the WMP11 folder and allowed it to be installed via his Run1_XP-64.bat file. But then once I was in the new install and started WMP11, it wanted to be validated. The next time, I went back to using WMP11 Slipstreamer to integrate the WMP11 fixes and slipstream it into the installation folder before running nLite, and it worked without asking for validation. So basically, I'm back to it working but still without any drivers. Have you had luck integrating drivers in that particular step and if so, which ones? Also, it still skips/ignores VistaCodecs at the tail end of the AddOns. And I know it's getting skipped because there is no Start Menu folder for it. Not one of the worst things it's done to me, but weird since I seem to remember it working on one of the earlier successes. I always have my automatic updates set to ask me before doing anything. With this slipstreamed installation, will it want to add any/all updates that aren't included in the process? On a side note, whenever I have done a reinstallation of the OS, I have had to reinstall (or repair) things like Office 2007 and Photoshop even though they are on another drive because they don't appear to be able to automatically update the new registry when they're opened. If there were some way to at least reference the current installation with nLite, if not directly slipstream it, I wouldn't have to reinstall all those other apps. Any way to do this?
  17. The file sizes all check out, and the MD5 info on the few that have it. I have a few less hotfixes that don't apply to me (Outlook ones for example). For Kurt's list of hotfixes, do the 3 digit numbers preceding the filename mean anything? Should these #'s be added to the filenames themselves?
  18. I went back to a "real" installation after the many virtual ones, with an old and very aggravating result. Using a DVD+RW now and "full" erasing it each time before re-burning the ISO. 1st try - Put in 1 driver, ASUS LAN driver. BSOD, same exact Stop message as before, the one you said was driver related. 2nd try - Replaced the LAN driver with the ASUS audio driver. BSOD, same exact Stop message. 3rd try - Replaced the audio driver with the NVIDIA driver. BSOD, same exact Stop message. 4th try - (here's where it gets good) Went with no drivers, just the install I fine tuned via the virtual server. BSOD, still with the driver related Stop message. Did this twice to make sure, same result. Now, I know the VMWare server ignored any device drivers, but the slipstreamed installation worked there. This is the one that pretty much followed Kurt's tutorial, even though the last "real" one (before I used Kurt's tutorial) without drivers I made worked. Last_Session.ini Unfortunately, I formatted and installed to the drive I had the virtual server on, without uninstalling it first. Now I can't reinstall it. It keeps saying there's a version *somewhere* even though I've removed all references to it in the registry, temp folders, etc. I won't be able to go back to testing in a virtual environment until I get this straightened out.
  19. I definitely have some installers that ignore all switches. USSF was actually pretty worthless. It said "sorry unknown switch" on a couple I had already gotten the silent switch to work. Firefox, Shockwave, VMware, and DIVX all refuse to "go quietly" (Shockwave only requires <close> to be hit). So much for a completely unattended installation. It seems to be ignoring VistaCodecs altogether (no relation to WinVista). I even found a list of 8 switches (/q, /qn, /silent, /s, /NoUserInput, /unattended, /CreateAnswerFile (?), /quiet). I tried each one on each of the stubborn installers in the command prompt window. Does it not recognize a video driver in the virtual world? I have my NVIDIA driver in there along with ASUS LAN & Audio drivers (no problem with these), but it does not show a video card as being installed. I know there is another audio driver needed if you want sound in virtual. I remembered the run-once hotfixes/updates in the runonce folder (Net Frameworks, DirectX, etc.) and modified the RUN1_XP-64.BAT to run only what I have in there and added it. In a batch file, if I wanted to restart, how would I write that? I've seen the word "shutdown", at the end of RUN1_XP-64.BAT. But overall, working pretty good, thanks entirely to you & Kurt. I would have given up in disgust already after the start I had. Tomorrow, I think I'll try a CD installation again.
  20. I added the .txt to the end because it wouldn't allow me to upload it with .bat. Here is the original file Run2_XP_64.bat.txt I just replaced the filenames with those I want to install. The addon folder needs to be in the Windows installation folder? I'd swear I saw somewhere it needed to be in the nLite "working folder". Maybe I misunderstood which is the working folder. Will it tell me if the /s /q thing is wrong? I'll try it with the addon folder in the Win Installation folder. Heck, I'll put a copy of the .bat file in there too.
  21. You did say too many, which I think of as unnecessary, or at least redundant. Did a few more, I have been trying a simplified batch file, but with a new name, it doesn't seem to be making any attempt to install any of the apps. LAST_SESSION.INI Run_AddOns.bat.txt I used Run2_XP-64.bat as a template, should I have used Run1? Some of the originals had /S and some had /Silent, does this matter?
  22. Got VMware up & running. Took a little while to figure it out, getting it to boot from the "CD" first after choosing the ISO file to use. Definitely a buttload faster. Still can't get it to copy & paste from the host to the guest, but I want to run a video to be able to recheck that problem I had with WMP11 earlier. I printed the initial post from that other thread and the current install is fairly close to his, without the batch file or addons so far. I left out a couple of hotfixes related to Outlook since I removed that. So how is it the extra hotfixes I initially had were unnecessary if they had later KB #'s? I finally saw what you were talking about early on about having too many when I only integrated what was on Kurt's list.
  23. (shudders) I haven't done a batch file since DOS, that's one of the things that looks confusing to me. Yeah, I'm going to try the drivers, maybe one at a time. Now that I'm using a CD-RW, it isn't as wasteful.
  24. Well, the "all hotfixes included" install has worked (for some reason I can't fathom). I'm working from IE7 within the new install. WMP11 is acting a little weird, it won't resize the video. But still something, even got it to be completely unattended this time. Remembered the time-zone settings. I'd certainly like to add other things. Stuff like directX goes in run-once, right?

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