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  1. andrewcrawford, That's exactly what I was trying to do. I have a fresh, clean copy of SP3 and I'm trying to get everything installed via SVCPACK.INF. However, the only way I got it to work was integrating IE7 and WMP11. To reiterate, I had to integrate and svcpack for it to work. My goal is just to use SVCPACK by itself. I hope I cleared that up. If you have any suggestions, please let me know! Thanks! - ET
  2. @vectra: Of course I'll do the same! From what I've been reading, this is such a helpful community! I didn't want to do it... I avoided it like the plague!!! But when there's a goal in mind and the walls are closing in, you have to move forward! I had to use other methods to slipstream Windows Media Player 11 and Internet Explorer 7. So here is how my WINXPSP3 setup to have zero updates, using mostly GreenMachine's awesome SVCPACK.INF. Step 1: Slipstream Windows Media Player 11 I actually didn't have to do this, but since I was slipstreaming IE7, I figured I seen Windows Media Player 11 Slipst
  3. Dear Members, I have tried doing exactly as GreenMachine has been doing on this wonderful thread. My plan of attack was to [1] install a fresh copy of Windows Service Pack 3, [2] run all the updates on fresh install, [3] go through windowsupdate.log and download all the updates and [4] svcpack them in the order Microsoft installed them on my machine. I'm happy to to say, that I have 99% of the updates working! I used the "smoke and mirrors" to get DOTNET20 working, but it won't work for the newest IE7 update (KB950759). I've been pulling my hair out because I have no idea where to turn now! I
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