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  1. andrewcrawford, That's exactly what I was trying to do. I have a fresh, clean copy of SP3 and I'm trying to get everything installed via SVCPACK.INF. However, the only way I got it to work was integrating IE7 and WMP11. To reiterate, I had to integrate and svcpack for it to work. My goal is just to use SVCPACK by itself. I hope I cleared that up. If you have any suggestions, please let me know! Thanks! - ET
  2. @vectra: Of course I'll do the same! From what I've been reading, this is such a helpful community! I didn't want to do it... I avoided it like the plague!!! But when there's a goal in mind and the walls are closing in, you have to move forward! I had to use other methods to slipstream Windows Media Player 11 and Internet Explorer 7. So here is how my WINXPSP3 setup to have zero updates, using mostly GreenMachine's awesome SVCPACK.INF. Step 1: Slipstream Windows Media Player 11 I actually didn't have to do this, but since I was slipstreaming IE7, I figured I seen Windows Media Player 11 Slipstreamer so much, that I'd give it a try. I knew that this program had one task, and as I expected, it did it well! Step 2: Slipstream Internet Explorer 7 I didn't find a program called IE7-slipstreamer or something like that, but nLite supported IE7. So I reluctantly showed nLite where my source was, and slipstream that one update to my files. Went through with no problems. Note: From this point, I installed my fresh copy of WINXPSP3 with IE7 and with WMP11. The install went very smoothly. And like my last post, I copied all the hotfixes (which there were a lot more for some reason), and downloaded them all. As before, I put them in the same order as Windows Updates. Now let's continue with our steps. Step 3: Copy all your hotfixes into the SVCPACK folder I hate this part. I copied and renamed each file. I don't think you have to rename it, but I'm kinda a neat freak in that sense. Anyway WMPSlipstreamer and nLite should have generated a SVCPACK folder and a SVCPACK.INF in your I386 folder. You may have to "expand -r SVCPACK.IN_". Step 4: Modify your SVCPACK.INF Add all those updates to your SVCPACK.INF. Step 5: Go! Go! Go! Install Windows XP SP3 Need I say more? SVCPACK.INF (Updated 14 August 2008) [Version] Signature="$Windows NT$" MajorVersion=5 MinorVersion=1 BuildNumber=2600 [SetupData] CatalogSubDir="\i386\SVCPACK" [ProductCatalogsToInstall] COMPPKV1.CAT IDNMITIGATIONAPIS.CAT IE7.CAT NLSDOWNLEVELMAPPING.CAT WMFDST11.CAT WMP11.CAT WUDF0100.CAT [SetupHotfixesToRun] KB892130.exe /Q /N /Z KB898461.exe /Q /N /Z "DOTNET11.exe /Q:A /C:""INSTALL /Q""" KB867460.exe /QN KB928366.exe /QN "REG.exe DELETE HKLM\Software\Microsoft\PCHealth\ErrorReporting\DW /F" "REG.exe ADD HKLM\SYSTEM\Setup /V SystemSetupInProgress /T REG_DWORD /D 0 /F" "DOTNET20.exe /Q:A /C:""INSTALL /Q""" KB928365.exe /QN "REG.exe ADD HKLM\SYSTEM\Setup /V SystemSetupInProgress /T REG_DWORD /D 1 /F" KB941569.exe /Q /N /Z KB923789.exe /Q:A /R:N KB951213.exe /q ROOTSUPD.exe /Q:A /R:N KB950762.exe /Q /N /Z KB951376.exe /Q /N /Z KB951698.exe /Q /N /Z KB951978.exe /Q /N /Z KB951748.exe /Q /N /Z KB951618.exe /Q /N /Z KB953839.exe /Q /N /Z KB939683.exe /Q /N /Z KB936782.exe /Q /N /Z KB929399.exe /Q /N /Z KB890830.exe /Q /N /Z KB951066.exe /Q /N /Z KB946648.exe /Q /N /Z KB952954.exe /Q /N /Z KB953838.exe /Q /N /Z KB950974.exe /Q /N /Z KB951072.exe /Q /N /Z KB952287.exe /Q /N /Z QCHAIN.exe [CatalogHeader] SVCPACK Directory 08/13/2008 09:47 PM <DIR> . 08/13/2008 09:47 PM <DIR> .. 08/13/2008 07:21 AM 5,759 comppkv1.ca_ 08/13/2008 09:14 PM 24,265,736 DOTNET11.exe 08/13/2008 09:14 PM 23,510,720 DOTNET20.exe 08/13/2008 07:23 AM 6,124 IDNMITIGATIONAPIS.CA_ 08/13/2008 07:23 AM 13,362 IE7.CA_ 08/13/2008 09:35 PM 10,703,680 KB867460.exe 08/13/2008 09:16 PM 7,182,968 KB890830.exe 08/13/2008 09:13 PM 1,131,560 KB892130.exe 08/13/2008 09:13 PM 488,176 KB898461.exe 08/13/2008 09:14 PM 555,072 KB923789.exe 08/13/2008 09:17 PM 15,394,248 KB928365.exe 08/13/2008 09:18 PM 9,249,736 KB928366.exe 08/13/2008 09:15 PM 641,440 KB929399.exe 08/13/2008 09:15 PM 5,809,056 KB936782.exe 08/13/2008 09:15 PM 561,568 KB939683.exe 08/13/2008 09:14 PM 2,166,832 KB941569.exe 08/13/2008 09:16 PM 528,424 KB946648.exe 08/13/2008 09:14 PM 559,144 KB950762.exe 07/23/2008 07:34 AM 594,984 KB950974.exe 08/13/2008 09:16 PM 817,704 KB951066.exe 07/23/2008 07:40 AM 525,352 KB951072.exe 08/13/2008 09:14 PM 1,427,520 KB951213.exe 08/13/2008 09:14 PM 605,224 KB951376.exe 08/13/2008 09:15 PM 2,004,008 KB951618.exe 05/23/2008 12:43 AM 1,047,080 KB951698.exe 07/02/2008 07:00 PM 1,090,600 KB951748.exe 06/30/2008 06:50 PM 1,129,000 KB951978.exe 08/13/2008 09:17 PM 657,960 KB952287.exe 07/23/2008 07:35 AM 532,520 KB952954.exe 08/13/2008 09:16 PM 8,933,416 KB953838.exe 08/13/2008 09:15 PM 499,752 KB953839.exe 08/13/2008 07:23 AM 5,718 NLSDOWNLEVELMAPPING.CA_ 02/20/2003 03:40 PM 44,712 QCHAIN.exe 08/03/2004 07:56 PM 50,176 REG.exe 08/13/2008 09:14 PM 302,168 ROOTSUPD.exe 08/13/2008 07:21 AM 10,357 wmfdst11.ca_ 08/13/2008 07:21 AM 8,432 wmp11.ca_ 08/13/2008 07:21 AM 6,423 wudf0100.ca_ 38 File(s) 123,066,711 bytes The install for me went well after slipstreaming IE7. The updates went through without a hitch using GreenMachine's method. But I don't want the members on this forum to give up! Find out how to get WINXPSP3 completely updated straight from SVCPACK.INF. That's my dream, but I have used nearly a week of freetime solely on this project. I must move on! But I hope I helped this community in a small way by registering to this forum and sharing my experience. Attached is the image of my zero updates (OK, there's one software update which is Windows Desktop Search, which I absolutely hate). Take it easy and good luck! - ET "Sanity, is that you? ... Finally!!! I thought I'd never see you again!"
  3. Dear Members, I have tried doing exactly as GreenMachine has been doing on this wonderful thread. My plan of attack was to [1] install a fresh copy of Windows Service Pack 3, [2] run all the updates on fresh install, [3] go through windowsupdate.log and download all the updates and [4] svcpack them in the order Microsoft installed them on my machine. I'm happy to to say, that I have 99% of the updates working! I used the "smoke and mirrors" to get DOTNET20 working, but it won't work for the newest IE7 update (KB950759). I've been pulling my hair out because I have no idea where to turn now! I searched google, and they are all saying try nLite. I tried it, but it would restart my installations for some strange reason. Besides, I like knowing exactly what has been modified on my image. Control issues I guess . Anyway, I'm posting the newest (almost completely working svcpack.inf) which was updated today (11 Aug 2008). If you guys can help me on the final update before QCHAIN.exe, that would really help me out! ISSUE: REG Hack for IE update KB947864 will not work for KB950759 PROBLEM: Windows XP SP3 setup hangs at this update (not even shown on taskmgr during setup) ERROR@LINE:"REG.exe ADD ""HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Setup\7.0\WU"" /v ForcePostUpdateInstall /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f" SVCPACK.INF [CatalogHeader] [Version] BuildNumber=2600 MinorVersion=1 MajorVersion=5 Signature="$WINDOWS NT$" [SetupData] CatalogSubDir="\I386\SVCPACK" [SetupHotfixesToRun] KB892130.exe /Q /N /Z KB898461.exe /Q /N /Z "DOTNET11.exe /Q:A /C:""INSTALL /Q""" "REG.exe DELETE HKLM\Software\Microsoft\PCHealth\ErrorReporting\DW /F" "REG.exe ADD HKLM\SYSTEM\Setup /V SystemSetupInProgress /T REG_DWORD /D 0 /F" "DOTNET20.exe /Q:A /C:""INSTALL /Q""" "WMP11.exe /Q:A /R:N /c:""SETUP_WM.EXE /Q /R:N /NoPID /DisallowSystemRestore /P:#e""" IE7.exe /NoRestart /NoBackup /UpDate-No /Quiet KB923789.exe /Q:A /R:N KB942763.exe /Q /N /Z SLVLIGHT.exe /q ROOTSUPD.exe /Q:A /R:N KB950760.exe /Q /N /Z KB950762.exe /Q /N /Z KB951376-v2.exe /Q /N /Z KB951698.exe /Q /N /Z KB890830-v20.exe /Q KB951978.exe /Q /N /Z KB951748.exe /Q /N /Z KB941569.exe /Q /N /Z KB928365.exe /QN KB867460.exe /QN KB928366.exe /QN ;"REG.exe ADD ""HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Setup\7.0\WU"" /v ForcePostUpdateInstall /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f" KB950759.exe /Q /N /Z "REG.exe DELETE ""HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Setup\7.0\WU"" /f" QCHAIN.exe [ProductCatalogsToInstall] Note: The problem line has been commented out so that setup.exe can finish the install SVCPACK Directory 08/09/2008 02:44 AM 24,265,736 DOTNET11.exe 08/09/2008 02:45 AM 23,510,720 DOTNET20.exe 08/11/2008 01:37 AM 15,452,536 IE7.exe 08/09/2008 03:01 AM 10,703,680 KB867460.exe 08/09/2008 02:57 AM 8,956,536 KB890830-v20.exe 08/09/2008 02:43 AM 1,131,560 KB892130.exe 08/09/2008 02:43 AM 488,176 KB898461.exe 08/09/2008 02:45 AM 555,072 KB923789.exe 08/09/2008 03:01 AM 15,394,248 KB928365.exe 08/09/2008 03:04 AM 9,249,736 KB928366.exe 08/09/2008 03:01 AM 2,166,832 KB941569.exe 08/09/2008 02:46 AM 524,840 KB942763.exe 08/09/2008 03:02 AM 8,914,472 KB950759.exe 08/09/2008 02:48 AM 497,192 KB950760.exe 08/09/2008 02:48 AM 559,144 KB950762.exe 08/09/2008 02:48 AM 605,224 KB951376-v2.exe 05/23/2008 12:43 AM 1,047,080 KB951698.exe 07/02/2008 07:00 PM 1,090,600 KB951748.exe 06/30/2008 06:50 PM 1,129,000 KB951978.exe 02/20/2003 03:40 PM 44,712 QCHAIN.exe 08/03/2004 07:56 PM 50,176 REG.exe 08/09/2008 02:46 AM 302,168 ROOTSUPD.exe 08/09/2008 02:46 AM 1,427,520 SLVLIGHT.exe 08/09/2008 02:45 AM 25,755,448 WMP11.exe 24 File(s) 153,822,408 bytes Order from Microsoft Updates on Fresh Install of Windows XP SP3 01. KB892130 02. KB898461 --restart-- 03. DOTNET11 04. DOTNET20 05. WMP11 06. IE7 07. KB923789 08. KB942763 09. SLVLIGHT 10. ROOTUPD 11. KB950760 12. KB950762 13. KB951376 14. KB951698 15. KB890830 16. KB951978 17. KB951748 --restart-- 18. KB941569 19. KB928365 20. DOTNET11SP1 21. KB950759 --restart-- 22. KB928366 ADD1: I can't even install KB950759 manually or from Windows/Microsoft updates (fails). Some posts I read earlier says I have to remove SP3 and then install the updates and install SP3 back on. I really don't have to do this, do I? ADD2: Hmmm, I opened IE7.exe straight from the SVCPACK directory, reinstalled over existing IE7, and everything just worked! So I wonder why the SVCPACK.inf version didn't work? IE7 would run normal, but accept no updates? Does IE7 and its updates need to be installed after the setup? - ET
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