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  1. I'm using WinIntegrator for the first time. Downloaded everything from the first post and installed it without a problem. I launched WI on my WIN7 ULT 64 (jp), it seems to run fine but when I push "SELECT" to nothing happens. Just the spinning(waiting) mouse icon show up. I was hoping a file selector window would appear but... Anyhow I tried re-installing the all neccessary program twice but same result. Anyone with similar behavior? Version Beta Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile Beta 2 (Yes I rebooted the OS after install) Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK) for Windows® 7
  2. I didn't try your ini yet but, I get everything working except IE8, like you've mentioned. I tried non-manipulation vlited iso and it works fine, then I tried removing tabletPC only with broken IE8. (or better yet broken "internet option" cause IE8 runs with non working menus and right clicks.) I'm gonna do a little more testing but my wild guess right now is maybe I'm trying this on japanese 7100 causing a unique problem. Other test I did was using WAIK for vista sp1 but this one crashes vlite during the final stage. This is why I'm using the one that initially came with earlier version of vlite and had many success creating vlited vista in the past. Anyways thanks for the input.
  3. Hey, I've been trying to vlite 64bit ja version of 7100 like over 10 times, here's my problem. IE8 runs but can't access internet option, and all right click menu is unaccessible within the browser area. Seems like 'internet option' itself refuses to boot affecting other trident engine compatible browser. I'm testing this on vmware and confirmed that non-vlite works just fine. I tried different vlite setup and tried just removing natural language / TabletPC / Speech Support and still have the same problem. Any idea? BTW: Maybe irrelevant but, I'm using wimgapi.dll (crc:066E0EEB) / wimfltr.inf (crc:77F633BC) / wimfltr.sys (crc:D8A4FF72), tested both on Vista64/Win7(non-vlited)
  4. I've notice that WACOM tablet needs "Tablet PC Input Service" running in order to function properly. This also means that TabletPC needs to be installed. (Which itself is over 700m in size.) But here's my concern, HOME BASIC in default doesn't support Tablet PC but still has "Tablet PC Input Service" which makes it possible to work in Home Basic. If I remove Tablet PC in vlite, it seems that it also remove the "Tablet PC Input Service" as well. If I manually uninstall Tablet PC after (non homebasic) OS installation, Vista will leave the "Tablet PC Input Service" alone but remove other Tablet PC component. Is there a way to simply leave the "Tablet PC Input Service" and remove other Tablet PC function in Vlite? PS: To clear my explanation Wacom Tablet will work with certain painter software even without "Tablet PC Input Service" but doesn't seem to work over desktop as a mouse. I can still remove via uninstall component after OS installation but thought that it would be much efficient done in vlite.

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