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  1. Thank you very much for your help.

    I will try TweakNT or Windows X's application on a new install of Server 2003 Standard Edition. Supposedly there are issues with Corporate/Enterprise when modifying the OS identifier.

    Thanks for your help though. Appreciate it.

    Yes, if you use either xpconvert or TweakNT or NTSwitch to change the platform ID of any VLK edition of Windows XP or 2k3, it will cause a problem. It's easily circumvented, but like TweakNT, discussion of the method and any tools required is frowned upon. It can be done, but honestly, you will still run into a few apps that will give you grief as your OS is still server 2003. At least with xpconvert, it leaves it so the OS is still detected as server. Most of the apps I've had trouble with will either install in compatibility mode or in the case of msi installers, a droped row in the launch conditions using orca or qwerty.msi will get around it. I'm not sure about TweakNT as it's been many years since I've messed around with it.

  2. Thanks bfoos, I'm now using it.

    If CRC fixed then I can add this to the /i386 installation folder (overwriting the default SP2 uxtheme.dll).

    BTW, the link where I got the SP2 German version now has also 6.0.3790.3959 EN version.

    Yep, it's fixed so it won't throw up an error during installation. All you will get is the usual error in the event viewer.

  3. Here's the US uxtheme I patched for myself.


    There is a cabbed version and an already extracted version. Both are CRC fixed. Enjoy. :)

    If you want to patch your own, just load up uxtheme.dll in a hex editor and do a search for this string...


    replace it with...


  4. I too had problems with this one - I found that it would slipstream into an RTM source, but when I slipstreamed into an SP1 source, it would fail with random file errors. I'm pretty sure this one has been bugged, but it wouldn't hurt to report it again.

    Odd, I slipstreamed it into a SP1 source and had no issues with missing files. No issues at all, actually.

    Just out of curiousity. How did you guys sliptream it? Nlite? Autostreamer? Or the good old fashioned update.exe way?

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