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  1. Half open connections patch not working?

    Oh, so it might be something I downloaded from Windows Update? I always either integrate known hotfixes or just open WU after installing.
  2. Half open connections patch not working?

    There is only one such tweak in nLite. That is what I'm talking about. Not sure what you don't understand... I had some warnings in system log about too many connections (cannot provide a screen anymore plus it would be in czech anyway). After downloading a standalone patcher for this it reported the limit to be 10, which is default - yet I setr nLite to change it to 50. Are we connecting?
  3. Resignation

    Bad news Is there still so much to do you cannot finish it? I am sure there would be people out there who would happily donate a few bucks to keep it going...
  4. Alternative to nLite?

    Alternative to nLite? Blasphemy!!!
  5. Is it just me or is it broken? I set it to 50 in nLite and am getting yellow exclamation mark in systray plus there are several warnings regarding this in eventlog. There's standalone patcher floating around the internet that reports the number to be 10... so? what gives?
  6. Slipstreaming XP SP3

    Hi! (I'd write in czech but I don't think foreign languages are allowed ) Those ping etc things are hidden under Services->Simple TCP/IP services. Don't check that for uninstall if you need those!
  7. How to integrate .NET Framework into Windows XP SP3

    Larger and colorful font please, I cannot see. :/
  8. nLited XP in MS Virtual PC

    This is THE golden sentence Everytime someone says this it's exactly the other way around I am not sure I fully understand, but is the problem non functional network in the virtual PC installation? I ma half sure you integrated drivers for your real PC, but checked to uninstall the default drivers for network stuff that come shipped in windows. I know I did this few times in past and was angry because I couldn't connect anywhere. edit: I hope I understand it correctly that you are testing the disc in VirtualPC...
  9. Trojan detected in setup of nlite

    Total nonsense plus wrong category.
  10. Windows XP Post SP3 Security Updates + IE7 and WMP11

    Just to make sure - these updates apply to ALL SP3 installations, yes? Just like the old similar thread?
  11. Windows XP SP3 slipstreaming wrap-up

    Hey, why don't you try to focus on updating the list of obsolete files? I bet lots of people would appreciate it just for the hell of it
  12. Which Version nLite or vLite?

    You need to choose based on what installation you are creating
  13. Windows XP SP3 slipstreaming wrap-up

    I dug SP1 corp cd with SP3 slipstreamed from deeps of my hdd in the end. Gonna give it a shot in VirtualPC now So in the end the changes are not that big.. I am surprised though. It's Microsoft after all
  14. Windows XP SP3 slipstreaming wrap-up

    Kinda resurrecting. Retail SP2 cd should not have these glitches, as you call them? edit: is there anything else that doesn't get updated maybe? There's plenty od files dated around 2003 or older.