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  1. Windows 7 Audio problem

    After installing windows 7 to Intel 946 GZ motherboard, i found sound is not working on it despite of showing successful installation of driver of HD audio codec. Is there any way to correct this problem????
  2. I integrated win httrack and dotnet framework complete package in xpcd by nlite. But due to some problems and prolonged time in windows installation i thought to remove these two. How can i remove these???? Please help!!! :o
  3. Integrating screensaver to xp cd

    Also i want to ask if screensavers ( and now wallpapers too) are compressed in cab or zip, can we use them such that they extract themself after installation of Xp because this will save a lot of disc space....
  4. Help with Nlite!

    well you can check either by reinstalling nLite or by using some other cd burning software..
  5. Integrating screensaver to xp cd

    Will it be okay or i would also need to edit winnt.sif or other files as such?? Also i want to know\ Is it like this that any file we put on $OEM$\$$\ will go to windows folder and then we put scrn files in system 32 directory so that it goes to system 32 directory after installation of windows??
  6. Virus Problem

    Do you have any bootable rescue cd. I think it will be useful. You can get free KAV rescue cd or Avira rescue cd or bitdefender rescue cd. They may prove helpful. However you need to download this from other pc as your pc is not logging on!!!!
  7. I downloaded several new screensavers and now, want to integrate them in my windows xp cd. How can i do this?? Is there any way so that setup automatically copy screensaver files to system 32 directory....
  8. I am using same version 1.6.2... still not adding..
  9. You can not slipstream SP1 to Compatibility Pack. Just add to chain install first Compatibility Pack and then SP1 for it. Silent switch is switch which will allow you to install some software without user input, silently. When adding Compatibility Pack and SP1 for a switch choose "Custom" and the enter this: /quiet Cheers I tried to chain fileformatsconverter.exe abd then clicked on add but it didnt add itself,,,.. any reasons?? Even no report on log windows panel added for not insertinf/adding file!!
  10. Hello and hi

    I just registered here and seen many posts here but still unknown and new to complete msfn database.. Its so wide.. Anyways hello to all of u..