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  1. USB Booting issues

    Hi, I'm trying to install xp to usb stick (please read the whole post before starting to say something like "It's against microsofts EULA" cause that's not the main topic) and after I inserted the cd, it just popups this message "BOOTMGR is missing. Press ctrl+alt+delete to restart" (but in Swedish ) and I wonder, is it possible it's because i nlited the installator? And if so, what can be the problem? The last_session.ini file is 28kb so I will post if necessary, but if anyone knows what's the problem is without seeing the file, it would be good And yes, I'm new to nlite so I might have done something terrible, but I haven't disabled/removed any of the red-marked ones... EDIT: And btw, have you guys here completely forgotten those with vista basic? :S
  2. Hi! I need some help. I got a cd from a *friend* with alot of SATA drivers on (starting XP CD first takes 5-10 min). Anyways, to be sure mine got included, I decided to add them. It worked fine, and so did the file copying, except for one file "Volsnap.inf", which contain this: [Version] Signature="$WINDOWS NT$" Class=VolumeSnapshot ClassGuid={533C5B84-EC70-11d2-9505-00C04F79DEAF} Provider=%MSFT% LayoutFile=layout.inf DriverVer=07/01/2001,5.1.2600.0 [ClassInstall32.NT] AddReg=volume_snapshot_class_addreg [volume_snapshot_class_addreg] HKR,,,,%VolumeSnapshotClassName% HKR,,SilentInstall,,1 HKR,,NoInstallClass,,1 HKR,,Icon,,"-53" [DestinationDirs] DefaultDestDir = 12; DIRID_DRIVERS [Manufacturer] %MSFT%=MSFT [MSFT] %STORAGE\VolumeSnapshot.DeviceDesc%=volume_snapshot_install,STORAGE\VolumeSnapshot [volume_snapshot_install] ; ; Nothing to do (these devices are raw). We just needed an INF ; match so these don't show up as "unknown" devices. ; [volume_snapshot_install.Interfaces] AddInterface={53F5630D-B6BF-11D0-94F2-00A0C91EFB8B} [volume_snapshot_install.Services] AddService = ,2,; Run the device RAW <ALOT of line breaks here> [Strings] MSFT="Microsoft" VolumeSnapshotClassName="Ögonblicksbild av lagringsvolym" STORAGE\VolumeSnapshot.DeviceDesc="Ögonblicksbild av allmän volym" So I skipped copying of this file. Next time I startup Windows (for the second install step), I get a BSoD with this code: (Yes I tried searching for it but I got nothing).Anyways, anyone know how to solve it? I will be away until next sunday if anyone wonders why I don't reply. Thanks in advance EDIT: I also added drivers I got from a DriverGuide toolkit backup, could that be the problem? (It was all drivers that were in my system, it was Vista but I'm trying to install XP) EDIT: Thanks for your help johnhc but I got round this by installing the one without my own drivers. Now it's working good
  3. USB Booting issues

    YES! finally it's working Big thanks once again
  4. USB Booting issues

    When adding the entry for windows xp (ntldr) I get this error message: "INF file txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing, status 18" And this is the usboot.org'ed XP (already installed), so txtsetup.sif shouldn't be necessary. Should I start over? use fuwi's batch, copy the files from usboot'ed XP to usb stick and try again? Here is my menu.lst: timeout 0 default 0 title Start XP find --set-root /ntldr chainloader /ntldr
  5. Integrating bootcamp drivers

    The problem with bootcamp drivers I'm unsure of, but if you first make a setup with nlite and only include the bootcamp drivers, and then build it, and after that, you can integrate SP3, drivers, tweaks etc with nlite (you run nlite two times).
  6. Integrating bootcamp drivers

    It would be possible if you first integrated all drivers in your cd, and then extracted SP3 over installation files (either in nlite again or there is a command I don't remember - I just wake up )
  7. i only want xp on my unattended cd

    I think you should be able to copy all the files from the DVD to CD, the best is to use a iso tool which dumps all files to a ISO file which you can burn to CD, at least if it's under 700 MB. Correct if I'm wrong.
  8. USB Booting issues

    The only method I got working is fuwi's batch. But I have never used grub4dos before, and when I boot, I see the vista-like screen he put there, and then I see a flashing message: After this the computer reboots. So now I need help with editing the config file, can you possibly help me with this? :
  9. USB Booting issues

    I done that and posting MBR and BootSect here. Thanks for your help. MBR_Bootsect.rar
  10. USB Booting issues

    The stick is 8 gB, not 16 But maybe the MBR was weird, I dont know. I tried fuwi's batch, and it didn't work.. Before nothing happened, now i see this non-system disk error. I tried bootsect /nt52 but nothing happened after that. I also get NTLDR is missing, but it isn't. Any idea?
  11. USB Booting issues

    I need some help again, I bought a new usb stick which don't work to boot.. Anyways I attached both the MBR and the bootsector and hope you can help me a final time. Here is the value I get with Beeblebrox: 0B-80-0-1-1-979-254-63-63-15743637 MBR_Bootsector.rar
  12. A sad mistake I've done

    or simply open it in 7-zip.... jaclaz Or simply use the built-in command in XP, expand which can expand files only, not compress it but you can download Cab SDK from microsoft for that
  13. USB Booting issues

    Hmm... writing either of those MBR's makes Vista lag incredibly. If I remove the drive vista becomes normal but as soon as I insert it it becomes slow. I managed to make it "half-working", it doesent display "System error, press ctrl+alt+delete to reboot", but instead a "_".
  14. USB Booting issues

    Acutally, it was preformatted from factory (brand new). If possible, is it necessary to format the stick? Oh well... EDIT: If you want to know, it took a half hour to move 606 MB via virtualbox. My other usb memory, older, took maybe 3-4 minutes...
  15. USB Booting issues

    Hmm is it possible you can help one more time? I bought a new 8gb usb stick, and it won't boot, and I have no idea why. I did a bootsect /nt52 but it didn't work, so I think the problem is within the MBR. Thanks in advance HDHacker.rar
  16. [Release] MediaMonkey v3.0.3.1183

    Big thanks, Mediamonkey is best, at least if you have larger music collections
  17. USB Booting issues

    Total success! Using USBoot with SP2 worked perfect, now its working exactly as it should :D Big thanks for your help, jaclaz Now I need to find alot of drivers, but that is not a problem. Thanks!
  18. USB Booting issues

    "REMOVE ANY OTHER USB DEVICE (excluded Mouse and Keyboard if USB) when working with bootable USB sticks." Actually the only other usb device connected to my computer while trying, is my usb adapter (usb -> PS/2). I will try without SP3 now, and see how it goes. If it works, I'll try installing SP3 in portable XP instead.
  19. Which Version nLite or vLite?

    Then I would choose nLite. vLite only works with Vista files, while nLite only works with 2000 / 2003 / XP files. While you are on it, slipstream SP3 into XP before burning the cd, and you don't have to update that much then, assuming you have a fast connection.
  20. 000000c2 error

    Does it say BAD_POOL_CALLER as the error message? Cause it seems like it can mean many different things. You might wanna check these pages: Bad_pool_caller stop:0x000000c2 - Club CDFreaks - Knowledge is Power Bad_pooler_call ***stop 0x000000c2 - Tech Support Forum And even try googling the codes: stop 0x000000c2 - Google Search
  21. USB Booting issues

    Just remembered, have Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 Lol,... Will try right away... EDIT: Seems like it's removed, trying virtual box instead. EDIT2/update: Virtual Box is better than Virtual PC 2007, I have to admit. Now I can do the "fully automated" way, because I can "insert" my usb drive to the virtual XP. Here's the error message I got by the way: ***stop: 0x000000c2 0x00000007 0x00000CD4 0x00000000 0xE15D0004 I will try the automated way & report back EDIT3: Oh noes, I managed to write the MBR of the stick to my external drive, so now windows thinks it needs to be formatted and acronis disk director suite only finds a 1.91 gB (exactly the size of my stick) of the drive. Do you know how to recover my data? I'm searching with acronis disk direcor suite now to see if I find a deleted partition, but how should I do if it can't find it? Nevermind. Will backup necessary files to various mp3's, my stick and my internal drive, so I'll work it out. Besides I will probably buy another 500 gB tomorrow, or in two days EDIT4: Installed a nlited xp sp 3 in a virtual machine. It runs good. Used USBoot, worked good. Copied the files to my stick. Worked good. Trying to boot. Total failure. I tried replacing the bootsector with bootsect /nt52 <driveletter>, before doing that, it said invalid system disk. Now I only see a black screen, no "_" or something. So I don't know how to continue. Any clues?
  22. USB Booting issues

    "I assume you ALREADY tested the nliting by installing from the modified source on a "normal" HD, didn't you?" Actually, no. I don't have any spare / extra harddrive laying around here. I have a external drive, but I don't want to "challenge destiny". That's why I want to install to my usb drive, so I don't have to use a extra harddrive. "POOL_BAD_DRIVER says nothing to me, post the CODE of the BSOD, and any other reference." Tricky part, the bsod flashses by one second and then my computer restarts. Should I disable "reboot on system errors" when I press F8 before windows tries to boot? Actually, it works (partially) with your .sif and .in_/.inf files. And no, I can't use the automated way, I don't know which computer I should do these steps on (it changes some system files, right? plus I can't NLite the files also ) I attached ntbtlog.txt (Or, one "normal" and one in "safe mode") ntbtlog.rar
  23. Add-On Maker for Nlite 1.2.4 Update: 06/17/2006

    Thanks will definitively try it. Seems an very easy way to integrate programs. Oh, if you want to find out the switches, open cmd(start -> run -> write cmd) and then "cd" (ex cd foldername to go to folder foldername and cd .. Is to go to previous folder) to the folder with the installer, and then, try "installername.exe /?" sometimes you get a popup with all cmd switces.
  24. USB Booting issues

    please remove this post, thanks
  25. USB Booting issues

    Now here's something I got it partially working (installed, and booting). But after I logged in (only have one account except administrator acc.) logonui.exe freezes. I tried pressing ctrl+alt+delete and task manager turns up. Two seconds later, I get a POOL_BAD_DRIVER bsod, and I can't boot in safe mode (after logging in, whole windows crash, no bsod). Any clue about whats wrong?