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  1. Watch out that your big hamster doesn´t get sucked in by the fans (I have two of those pigs ). lol, I've got two of them as well the one in the picture is called Eddy. He enjoys gaming, and modding his PC (Pig Computer).
  2. The PSU generates the most noise, before I dampened the pumps in the front they were bad, but now I can't hear them over the PSU. Compared to my last machine (Antec P180 Passive CPU + Chipset cooling only 2 180 fans on low) it's very noisey. It's noy annoyingly loud, but I've been thinking of a quieter PSU in the future. Oh yeah... Guinea Pigs FTW!
  3. 1)Sli == Yep 2)Few more things to add before it's finished, 2 more GB O' Ram, and the 27" Monitor. 3) Novus one is good for cleaning the case, also anti-static. Normally just go over with a cotton cloth to clean the dust. CPU is now running at 3.8 @ 1.5 24/7 some clearer pics
  4. I really like these, they when the system is switched off, you cannot see the LCD. So it look like a plain black or silver fan control.
  5. Thanks! First time someone recognised the case, most people ask what it is. The drive bay with the temp sensors is a fan control from scythe, I dont have the temp sensors hooked up, but I might get some inline temp sensors for the cooling loops.
  6. Q6700 @ 3.6 (Max 4.0 Vista - 4.1 XP) 2 x 8800 GTX - 650/1500/2080 2GB OCZ Reaper @ 1152 1 TB Spinpoint F1 Dual Cooling Loops 2 x Tripple Radiators Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0m8o4-1Mokg