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  1. Is anyone here having issues with firefox 4 portable? I just can't get it to run properly. It keeps freezing and crashing on basically every site i try to visit. The only two web pages that work (i.e. manage to load) are "welcome to firefox" page, and firefox homepage (google). I tried various combinations of JIT compilation, even turning it completely off for both chrome and content, i disabled flash plugin, out of process plugins, hardware acceleration (just in case). What's funny is that firefox 4 consumes less memory on startup (according to wintop), and its UI feels more responsive than that of firefox 3.6, it's just that web pages are not loading and then whole application becomes unresponsive. It might be due to seriously underpowered system i'm trying to run it on, (p3 500, 128mb ram), but still on that same system firefox 3.6 runs just fine. Any ideas? p.s Win98 SE with KernelEx 4.5 final.
  2. Yes, i finally got 32 bit icons working following these steps. Thank you. For Tihiy if he wishes to investigate: Windows 98 SE KernelEX 4.5 RC4 Revolutions Pack 9.6.5 Nvidia Detonator 45.23 drwatson_snapshot.zip
  3. That solved the RPConfig issue, but not the Code::Blocks issue. Although they appeared to be related i guess they are not related after all. But still, thanks a lot.
  4. I have an issue to report related to KernelEx 4.5 RC 1. I am unable to switch revolution pack skins when firefox (3.6.8) is running (RPConfig just does what appears to be initial resizing of controls before applying skin, and then just stops at that point and becomes unresponsive. I have to kill it in task manager). I tried to change skins in old fashion way using Appearance tab, but same thing happens. When I close firefox, both ways of switching skins are working properly. There is also one other related thing. My own nightly ansi build of Code::Blocks refuses to start and it's entry in task manager just sits there indefinitely doing nothing until i kill it. This is also firefox related, as when i close firefox it can start just fine. That behaviour did not happen in KernelEx 4.0 final2.
  5. Yes, I notice that too since the first build of Firefox 3.6.4 ; and I notice when I browse a web page with flash contained, Firefox crash (if I disable OOPP by changing all the "dom.ipc.plugins.enabled" value in "about:config" to "false" there is no crash and I can see the flash contained, but the CPU stay at 100%) I too, can confirm this. Also, has anyone tried to install flash player 10.1? Installer crashes.
  6. To disable KernelEx for one specific program you need to right click program shortcut or .exe file itself and choose properties. Then in compatibility tab you can either force Windows 98 compatibility mode or disable KernelEx extensions completely for that program. That way rest of your system will be fooled into thinking it's running XP, and program that has issues with it will be isolated.
  7. Revolutions Pack 9 interferes with latest miranda 0.8.0, it makes some icons in miranda appear totally black. Tried messing with options on "misc" tab in RP config, but it didn't help. In the end removing RP from the system solved the issue. So, until it's resolved im sticking with older version of miranda Yeah, i know but i'm, totally addicted to RP, i can't stop now.
  8. Yep that did it, It's working now. Thanks.
  9. I am, too, getting "GDI upgrade is required for your system" message. I'm using Win98 SE (english), i did put DIBENG update and put GDI+ runtime in appropriate folder, i also installed Trebuchet MS just in case, but to no avail... And I'm not getting anything sensible out of the hotfix on Microsoft site you posted. It's just a password protected self extractor containing only hotfix.txt file which in turn doesn't contain anything useful. Am I missing something?
  10. Here are some glitches with Firefox 3.0.7 while using KernelEx 4.0 rc1 on Windows 98 SE It looks like it messed up fading effect that gecko uses, but i'm not an expert and a picture is worth a thousand words: This is how it looks like (with KernelEx 4.0rc1): This is how it should look like (with KernelEx 3.6a): There is also a strange problem regarding fonts in webpage editboxes, for example google: I can paste character normally (from notepad for example), and it shows up alright in firefox, but when i try to type it in i get this missing character glyph. I tried to play with character encoding in firefox but to no avail, it only affected static text on page but had no effect on text in editboxes. It seems that only webpage rendering is affected as i can type that same character in firefox address bar and search bar without any problems. With KernelEx 3.6a it works perfectly (it can be both typed in and pasted in without glitches): I took that single character as an example but the problem affects all special characters from my locale (latin2) I would also like to add that Punkbuster (pbsvc.exe) is crashing in both kernelex 3.6a and 4.0rc1 (and probalby in earlier versions too), disabling KernelEx for pbsvc.exe solves the problem. P.S Many thanks for keeping kernelex alive and kicking, it's a must-have for any win98 user these days
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