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  1. Has anyone succeeded in shrinking a N version, cuz thats what happens in mine :

    Note: this happens even when I remove just one component like notepad on vlite


  2. Hey there, My custom install works perfectlly on virtual box, but when i m going to install it on my computer I get a blue screen of death about hidusb.sys, anybody knows what is going on ?

    Did a couple of tests:

    When i remove all usb devices it works, but when I put any of them it crashes

    It only happens when I remove any component with vlite or dism. EX: I removed just paint and the error appears

  3. Now everything installed, still only 5.11 GB in use. Some non-blocking issues, no biggies:

    Snipping tool needs protect on: windows\system32\Magnification.dll & windows\system32\msdrm.dll (can be re-added manually later post-install)

    Gadgets appears in the desktop right click menu, but does not work (I thought I removed it as I also did not with the Vista Sidebar)

    Nokia PC suite will not install (does not support the platform it say upon installation)

    Windows features can not be disabled (IE amongst others would be nice to remove)

    I had some issues with installations resulting in errors related to VC80 (Windows Live Messenger), VC90 (Open Office 3.0)

    The last was strangely resolved: I downloaded .NET 3.5 SP1 and ran it (no messages what so ever) and after this it seemed to work. Not sure if this was the solution, but it works now.

    And the best part: I do not know weither it is the vLite'd Windows 7, my positive attitude or reality, but Windows 7 feels a lot snappier than Vista.

    Hey, do you know whitch component is causing Windows features failing to be disabled? And shouldnt you had kept Error Reporting due to missinng wer.dll warning during the installation ?

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