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  1. Well, obviously I did not have any SP1 DVD I could use. This only proves my statement:It would be much easier for Microsoft to simply offer the latest of the latest Vista images to the world, with the latest fixes already in them, and offering them as torrents. Would save them a LOT of bandwidth too. Or the vlite community could offer such images as torrents. If anyone has a Vista x64 SP1 iso for me, including all recent hotfixes slipstreamed. I only require English language pack, that would be perfect. But I don't see any links to torrents here. Guess it's considered "warez" or "illegal". (I don't even see why this would be illegal, I'm still going to have to use my license key for it, am I not?) As long as there's no crack or cd key gen or anything like that, I'd assume it to be legal since it's nothing that MS themselves haven't offered to the public. Anyways, I've been plagued with the reboot loop myself as well as Vlite saying that certain 32 bit updates don't apply to my system as well as vista itself telling me that several updates that the windows updates report returns don't apply to my system??? Well if they don't apply then why did windows update tell me I need them?!? In particular, update 935509 says it doesn't apply both in Vlite and from within a non SP1 vista. Yet MS says it's a critical update for SP1 to install correctly. (which SP1 doesn't install from within windows if it's a version I've tweaked with Vlite) I'm in the process now of integrating SP1 into an image of ultimate 32. I'll save it and burn it to disk for future use so I can have a full, unmolested iso with SP1 already integrated to work with for future builds. It only brings me back to my original question though of how I'm supposed to be able to integrate all the dozens of hotfixes Iv'e downloaded into any future projects? Becuase it seems that once SP1 gets put into the image, it wreaks havoc on any chances of all the hotfixes sucessfully being integrated with vlite (or at least a lot of them say they can't be integrated when they're SHOULD be) and also, if I don't put any hotfixes in with vlite and try to install them one at a time manually after vista loads, at least 10 or so come back saying they don't apply to this operating system when they SHOULD. Anyone else face this problem?
  2. I may have missed something but it gave me an error message when I was going through the file loading proceedure before starting install I'm going to try re-doing it without removing anything and see if I can just get the slipstreamed SP1 version to install and run updates.
  3. I've tried slipstreaming and rebuilding the whole thing. If I burn the iso of this and don't remove or change anything, vista (ultimate) will install fine. If I take the rebuilt iso and remove or change ANYTHING, I get a nt kernel system file error during the loading files for setup screen. Any way around this? Right now I'm trying to redo it all again only rather than slipstreaming SP1, I've got all..nearly 500mb worth of individual packages I've integrated into the iso I'm going to try and see if that will let me modify components.

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