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  1. Just a short update: I have no idea why but the DVD I burned from the customized Win7 setup worked just fine. The problem I reported yesterday (strange error message about inappropriate key) seems to only come up when starting the manual setup. So thanks a lot for this useful tool!
  2. Hi! I have to admit a did not read through the whole thread, but the forum search couldn't help me so I thought asking wouldn't hurt :-) Since RT Seven Lite is explicitly intended for Win7 it is safe to actually use all it's options, isn't it? I ask because I tried to produce I custom build but directly after entering the setup I get the error "The product key entered does not match any of the Windows images available for installation." and it stays even when I delete the Autounattended.xml which contains the key. I experience similar problems before while I tried to use vLite without knowing about it's shortcomings with Win7 (). Therefore my question. Using RT Seven Lite Beta 1.0.7 64-bit on a 64-bit Win7 installation. I can provide the exact options I chose, but it's quite a lot of them (driver integration, component removal, tweaks, unattended option). Any help/hint to solve the issue are appreciated :-) Edit: I just noticed an unanswered error report in the "RT Se7en Lite" forum (http://www.rt7lite.com/rt-se7en-lite-forum/6-unattented-installation-support/448-lost-unattended-setting.html). Just wanted to add that this is also valid for me -- unattended settings lost + scrambled license key. At first I thought this was my problem, that I mistyped the serial. But a new run with a definitely correct serial brought the same error message as does deleting the Autounattended.xml.
  3. OK, problem solved. I don't know why, but nLite seems to have serious problems when run inside a virtual machine. With VirtualBox I get the error described in this thread. With VMWare I get ISO images that are not ISO images. Very strange! I finally got my image built on a computer at the university where .NET is installed.
  4. I did some more tests and it seems that integrating drivers or removing components isn't the problem. As long as I do only that setup keeps running normal. But any other option produces the mentioned error or a similar one, where setup says uxtheme.dll or sfc...dll (forgot the exact name, but I believe it the one patched to disable SFC) are the files that are corrupt. I didn't try to integrate Hotfixes though, so I don't know if that has any impact.
  5. Hello! I cannot get the current version of nLite (v1.4.5 Final) to produce a working windows setup with removed components and integrated drivers. The pure SP3 windows works without any problems, so I think it may be bug in nLite when it actually changes something. When I try to setup the nLited XP the setup works normal until after the first reboot it starts into the GUI phase. After the bootup screen (windows logo with moving bar) disappears I get a blue screen with the following error: STOP C000007B {BAD IMAGE} THE APP OR DLL \??\C:WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\SFCFILES.DLL IS NOT A VALID WINDOWS IMAGE PLEACE CHECK THIS AGAINST YOUR INSTALLATION DISKETTE. That is, since I use a german XP I get the german equivalent of the above. Searching the forums I only came up with this old thread - http://www.msfn.org/board/lofiversion/index.php/t66160.html - where no real solution is given. Anybody else who experiences this? Anything I can do as a workaround? Klybalur
  6. nLite, hate it or love it?

    What do you mean "can only use it inside a virtual machine"? Or do you mean that's how you use it since you prefer not to install .NET? I don't like .NET either but a few of my favorite tools and ATI's video driver user interface use it so I install the ones that are necessary which are usually only .NET 2.0 these days for me. I mean I will not install .NET on the machine I do my normal work with. So the only chance to use nLite is a virtual machine, but it's not too bad. You are right that there're some other nice tools that require .NET but for most of thoose there're alternatives without that crap. For example the ATI drivers I replaced with the modded Omega drivers a long time ago.
  7. nLite, hate it or love it?

    nLite is a really useful tool allowing to integrate drivers and remove all the bloat from XP. Too bad it depends on .NET so you can only use it inside a virtual machine :-/
  8. iso file from nlite

    Thanks for your help, but I'm afraid the USB boot isn't the real problem. I missed to test the nLite image because I never had any problems with nLite. Now I ran it in VirtualBox and experienced the very same problem - the machine froze. Sorry for the fuss O:-) What you describe is a bit too "vague" to pinpoint the problem, I am afraid. Can you try to better describe what's happening? I.e. try to list what you see happening until you experience the reboot. JFTR: The boot goes without any problems. The setup starts and starts to load the various drivers. Until it loads the driver for the FAT filesystem. At this point the screen would go blank and the machne would reboot. Yes, that should make not any difference since you are well past the booting phase. Ohh, OK. I just thought I could be the filesystem since the reboot occurs when setup tries to load filesystem drivers. Now I try a new nLite run. Thanks for your help anyway! Klybalur
  9. iso file from nlite

    Hi! I'm trying to do just the same thing as the OP using a nLited XP and USB_multiboot_9. The USB drive boots into setup just fine, but after some time (when filesystem drivers are loaded I think) the machine just reboots. It doesn't make any difference whether I use PeToUSB and FAT oder the HP-Tool and NTFS as filesystem. Any ideas what the problem may be? Klybalur