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  1. Testing on a VM with only WinSXS removed, but keeping .NET. Windows Update has been "installing" KB976662 for well over an hour now.
  2. So .NET will be fine with WinSXS removal now if so chosen, but will Windows Update work? Or will updates have to be integrated?
  3. If you remove Protected Storage, software will not remember your passwords. So security-wise, it's a good idea to remove.
  4. Previews only show when using an Aero theme; it looks like you are using a Basic theme.
  5. Vlited Vista - List of all useless progs

    Just assume he has a legit copy then. It is possible to be helpful instead of bitching if a rule is broken.
  6. Vlited Vista - List of all useless progs

    He is not linking or requesting illegal material. He is not discussing circumvention of WGA/activation/timebombs/keygens or any other illegal activity. Just stating that it is downloaded should be no harm.
  7. Add custom folders to vLited Vista SP1

    Thanks. I Don't really want a automatic installation of my programs, I just want to add a folder to the DVD and install them only if I like to. can I just add the folder to the ISO? If you read the previous link I gave you, you will see that you can add files and folders to the install.wim (this is essentially what is on your hard drive after a clean install), so that when complete are able to have your program folders in the C:\Program Files\ directory.
  8. Add custom folders to vLited Vista SP1

    See: http://www.msfn.org/board/GuideHow-to-modi...im-t111168.html
  9. Your ISO file sizes?

    After adding the first Service Pack, removing everything I find unnecessary, integrating hotfixes and a few necessary drivers, then finally adding certain tools and files into the .wim, my .iso's are generally around the two gigabyte mark, give or take a hundred or so megabytes.
  10. Guide:How to modify install.wim

    Hello, I'm new here, and I'm having a slight problem with following this tutorial. I mount the .wim and follow all specified directions, remove and add what I care to do, etc. When I am finished and choose to unmount it does not do anything. Perhaps I am not patient enough (I've waited at least five minutes each time) for it to do its task, but I don't make too many changes and your tutorial says it should not take long. Thanks in advance.