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  1. Replace wallpaper (names) on XP install CD

    hi, does anyone know how to do the same for mce?
  2. [GuiRunOnce] wont run.

    I believe that what you're calling 'Install.cmd' should be 'RunOnceEx.cmd'?
  3. I'm using a rather simpler oemscan.ini. What, if any, is the advantage of including the optional 'RANGE' parameter in each entry?
  4. ISO output truncated to 660 mb

    Do you have everything in the same folder? For nlite to copy your extra files, they need to be in the same directory as the original source.
  5. Old XP Home CD + SP2 CD + SP3

    You can skip SP2 altogether, service packs are cumalative ie. SP3 includes everything that was in SP2
  6. NLITE ERROR: Unknown Windows Version

    According to this page - http://www.tacktech.com/display.cfm?ttid=366 - you have SP2b Educational version? I'd never heard of SP2b but, apparently, these versions don't work with the integrate switch, so that may be the issue. http://www.msfn.org/board/Windows-XP-SP2b-t79284.html
  7. Problem Using Oem Key With New Sp3 Cd

    I've never come across those pid's in the techguide link and find this page to be more useful, http://wiki.lunarsoft.net/wiki/Product_IDs I agree with Lilla, 76487OEM is what you should use and is what I always use for XP PRO and MCE.
  8. What is a silent Mode in addon programs?

    The silent switch means no user interaction, no clicking next etc.
  9. Problem Using Oem Key With New Sp3 Cd

    The SP level shouldn't matter. Assuming you're doing this in XP, if you're using a retail CD as source, it won't accept an OEM key. Search the forums for setupp.ini for a solution. @nuhi, thank you for the new version and your continued efforts!