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  1. Hello, I got a strange BSOD occuring during the OS Selection, right after the DVD was copied to the disk or when I try to select the new folder. First I thought it was because of the WIM driver, I used (tried the single files provided by one of the users here in a posting), so I deleted it. --> no change Then I tried to go back to vlite 1.1.6, but found that WIM was not shown to install. So I my guess was, the driver is somewhere in the registry or missinstalled anywhere. I downloaded the WAIK then installed it, deinstalled it, did a registry cleanup, rebooted and installed vlite 1.1.6 again. The popup for installing the WIM driver appeared, I installed it... was happy, but... BSOD again. The BSOD is something with ntfs.sys, namely 0x00000024. As my guess was wrong and the WIM driver seems not to cause it... I also found a posting with a similar situation, in this case the antivirus programm seems to cause it, but I also tried deactivating my kaspersky internet security and the BSOD was occuring anyway. Does anyone has any idea about that? Thanks in advance Christian

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