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  1. Hi cancerface. Think, can you will try to finish the program to possibility of full detour OOBE, after all it is necessary to add only a field for input of a key of a product and section for change of network options. Ulrih
  2. cancerface, I wish to throw to you idea! In some programs of such type there is a possibility to change IP, DNS, and a gateway. Sometimes it happens useful. If you have time, and you will consider it interesting - consider possibility of inclusion of such parametres in the program. Poorly?
  3. Well cancerface, I will inform the author addon with your utility. But I wish to inform you that, he creates the addon in the form of the designer where the program is added from your site (is given the reference to a file with your program) on the computer of each separate user, and then, in the course of integration into the distribution kit, gathers in SYSOC addon, and only after that it is integrated into distribution kit Windows.
  4. Hello cancerface The program works normally, errors any more has not found. I leave in long business trip, and I will not have a possibility to test it. But you can watch use of the program at the Russian users at our forum of automatic installation Windows. Yours faithfully and gratitude Ulrih.
  5. I believed that here such options should remove an autologon in any case, but it on occurs. [interface] MACAddressOveridesSections=0 ParseSecuritySection=0 [userInfo] AutoLogon=0
  6. Greetings cancerface It is not necessary to be confused, the one who does nothing is not mistaken. Has started to test v.1.8.3. Has noticed still pair of glitches - at installation in INI AutoLogon=0 In the interface checkbox remains noted, and at attempt to create the user with a name existing in system to be deduced the error and goes in cycles...
  7. cancerface Timeout on the former does not work! v
  8. Excuse cancerface, actually not those parametres which I use it on the present. When I test specially I provoke utilities to errors. It was not a successful example, but it works! Now I will banish the new version.
  9. So all also occurs - there is a program interface, parametres are picked up from ini on MAC, I do not bring any changes I wait for the termination timeout after that the interface it is necessary to hang on the screen, parametres are not applied. The error has repeated already three times. CheckValues=0 CancelButton=1 Confirm=0 PasswordCheck=1 MACAddressOveridesSections=1 ParseUserSection=1 ParseComputerSection=1 ParseSecuritySection=1 CheckIfUserExists=1 EnableTimeOut=1 TimeOut=30000 Beep=1 BeepWarning=1 BeepFreq=500 BeepDuration=100
  10. Hello cancerface Does not work timeout. If I have correctly understood, after time, adjustment deduced in the interface should be applied? Check spent at installation Windows from CD in DOS a mode by the virtual machine.
  11. Excuse, I had in view of, that definition on MAC occurs only if the fitter sees the network adapter, for this purpose and integration of drivers into the distribution kit is necessary.
  12. Has tested by the virtual machine - all works perfectly. With one condition - in the distribution kit it is necessary to integrate the drivers from Wim Leers (BashratTheSneaky) Chipset and LAN
  13. Greetings cancerface. Thanks for the made changes, the program it became ideal, but through my fault in the interface discrepancy has crept in. Here [Field 41] I used unfairly long expression, therefore it was not located completely. I hasten to rectify the error. Ulrih InterfaceRU.7z
  14. Hello cancerface I wish to make support of Russian for your excellent program. Files has translated. Check up please. Lang_StringsRU.7z

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