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  1. aXs, you should use GImageX to change Flags for your image (ImageX can't do that). After that you can use your WIM.
  2. Hi, nuhi! A few days ago I have written a post in which I described a very 'barbaric' method of integrating software into Vista installations. So, I thought about creating an additional instrument for vLite that will detect all the app's Setup program activity, collect this data and then create a list of files and registry entries, that being installed with this app. After using such instrument, users will be able to manually copy these files and registry entries (using Regedit's 'Load Hive' functionality) into their vLited *.WIM. I don't know Windows API to perfection, but I see that you do (vLite is great! really!), so, if you are interested, we could do something for this. Thank you.
  3. Actually, there is 2 'barbaric' methods to integrate software into Vista. The first, the most 'barbaric', is to mount install.wim content to the empty partition (or, as I suppose, you can use Vista's SUBST command instead of creating an empty partition), then connect this partition to the VMware Virtual Machine, restore the boot on it (using Vista DVD), then install your software, disconnect the partition from VMware, and then create a new .wim, excluding unneeded files (the most unneeded files are in the exclude list of imagex by default, but you can mount the new wim in some folder and delete the rest). The second method is the main point of the first method. Here, you can manually add to the .wim your app's folder, but then you must manually collect from the registry all necessary data for your program. Why only the necessary? Because, I think, you would like to manually configure your application after install. Additionally, many programs add their files to such folders, as Windows and System32, so you also should use some dependency scanner or find all program files manually. This method is less 'barbaric', but it takes a lot of time and patience. BTW, nuhi, you are a very good programmer, so you could add to vLite the ability to monitor installation of software and add those necessary registry entries and program files. But it's all a theory.
  4. OK, I solved this problem myself. If anybody pays attention at my posts, I removed "pid.txt" file and "SetupComplete.cmd" script that contained restart computer command, and all worked. I'll now try to return Pid.txt and look what happen. vLite works correctly.
  5. Hello for all. I have a problem with vLited Vista. After vLiting it all Desktop.ini files in all user's folders disappeared, and all Desktop.ini files from public user's folders remained! I.e., there isn't icon and localized name for my, for example, Documents folder, but the Public Documents have icon and localized name (see Screenshot).
  6. It looks beautiful, could you make it in higher resolution, please?
  7. Caelen, you can't stop it growing. WinSxS contains all versions of components that have been updated. It is done for better compatibility: if application uses older version of component, it can use it from WinSxS folder. If you remove this folder, you won't be able to use some programs and Windows Update.
  8. Yzöwl, no. I just want to know what Vista API call I need to use to create a heading that will look like this. If you wanna know, my program will allow user to operate with some registry tweaks to optimize Vista performance. Guys on CodeProject.com don't break someone's copyright when they make glassified windows or buttons, right? So, I just need programmer's help.
  9. Hello! I have a task to create an application that will partially look like Windows DVD Maker. Specifically, I need to create a DVD Maker styled heading in my application (see Screenshot). Actually, it's the only problem for me with this work. It is very good if somebody will write a whole code for me - I'm not friends with Vista API The code is needed in C#, Basic or Delphi (the best is C#). Thank you!
  10. I got it! If you have such problem, you must either leave in vLite the component Windows Search, or NOT integrate Windows Search (WDS) 4.0 (KB940157).
  11. hannubys, well, I always remove the same components, this time I just added to this list a few components. Here is my Last Session. I'm working on this build. And here is also the list of updates I integrate (excluding KB949545). Last_Session.ini
  12. Well, I have the same problem. I used Vista SP1 image, integrated all the hotfixes that I found in Microsoft Download Center (except those that doesn't match in any way) and vLited this build. When installed Vista starts to check computer performance (after OOBE), it crashes and restarts - just like Steven wrote. Then, after restart it says "Configuring updates... Stage 3 of 3", it 'jumps' like this: 0% -> 99% -> 100%, - then says "Shutting down", restarts and it repeats in a loop. I think that it's an error of one of the updates. I checked all updates I integrated through Microsoft Knowledge Base and I have come to a conclusion, that it is the fault of KB949545. I haven't tested vLited Vista without this update, but it is said in description: An update is available to resolve an issue in which the Wusa.exe tool returns a "1 (S_FALSE)" error code in Windows Vista and in Windows Server 2008 So, it updates the Windows Update system (Wusa.exe file) and, as the looped restarts comes from configuring updates process, I think, it is the only update that may cause this problem. The others are updating components that must not affect the OOBE. NOTE: I have earlier created vLited Vista without the latest updates (since the beginning of july) and it worked fine. I'll try to make a build without 949545 and will write the results.
  13. Hello, I just tried to perform Admin Install of my Office 2007 with your tool. I've entered PIDKEY and specified folder, but it writes, that Admin Install folder is not specified What I've done wrong?

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