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  1. How do get the key after i registret it. Have search a bit on the forum and in my RegEdit, but can't find that i need to export so i can use it on my windows DVD. Its ofc my own Mirc key .
  2. !!!??!?!?!We do not support the use of warez. A simple search of your registry for the programs name will ussually give you the reg info. (AFTER the program is legally registered ofcourse.) You can't do that with all programs...
  3. my winrar crash then i try to unpak it with winrar /:
  4. can't find anything . nvm: found it . IN danish its called C:\Programmer\Fælles filer\WindowsLiveInstaller\MsiSources I upload it now.
  5. Can't find it om my danish windows xp 32bit :S. have be in all the folder i have see in this topic, and i have search after MsnMsgs.msi (and i have start the installer´)
  6. Please add support for Msn plus 4.6 and firefox (newest) and JAVA
  7. how can i launch WLinstaller.exe and install windows live messenger and windows live mail?. I can't get it to work with WPI it just don't start. .

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