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  1. 1) Thanks, it's nice . 2) WTH, how to uninstall Vistapack 2.4 ??? I tried to restore files, but after second it says error in Vistapack.exe and program crashes. No files restored ... so I can't uninstall it! How to restore files+uninstall? Thanks
  2. I want it too; I have Vista Icon Pack, but I don't want packs, it will change everything, but I want only icons (I will reinstall Windows, and on "new" Windows I don't want packs). So one question: how to change system icons like folder icon, control panel icon, etc.. I know how to change My computer, My documents, Trash can and ... I don't know ... maybe Places in Internet? ... argh ... I just know how to change icons on desktop, but I don't know how to change icons like control panel or ... for example, change icon of all *.gif files ... Do you understand?
  3. damian666: Sorry for PM, I already have it. And my "problem": on screens is Win2K with Vista system tray... But I have default 2000 system tray . Screenshot: Help please, I want Vista system tray...
  4. I know this topic is old, but I need help ... When I install W2K RP and reboot computer, there are only "grey", "non-nice" ( ) icons in system tray and in "My Computer" there are icons with black background. And Explorer XP Icons? There are default, "non-nice" ( ) icons from W2K. Do you understand me? Thanks for answer.
  5. It works normal for me; I copied it into folder "C:/Program Files/Windows Media Player/Skins. After that I changed skin in WMP. (It looks really good !)

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