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  1. hello guys i have problem with ma hard disk it's western digital 80gb i deleted partitions and recreat new partitions as C primary one and D logic one the problem is that wen i apply i got the result like wat i wanted but i can't see them in my computer and if i look in disk mangement in admin' tools i can see them btw i used paragon partition manger 9 so wat i should do in that case ? thx in advance
  2. wat u mean about that? is dap got good chance 2 do things like that?
  3. ok thx guys 4 help , i already disable it from start up services and i hope its not gonna wor k again
  4. u mean that thing gonna appear again even if i disable it already?
  5. heres ma task manger screenshot so the 100% came from NMindixstore and NMBgmonitor and AVP is the kaspersky so it took about 48% somtimes and i guess the problem with those NM things so can u tell me wat is it consedring that if i took them out from msconfig startup programs everything work crystal clear
  6. Hey Guys i have serious problem here ma cpu usage is always on 100% even if im run nothing but the windows explorer and im not sure if its virus or not but i checked ma task manger and found that system idle process take about it 95-98% from the cpu so i knew that not normal thing so can sm1 tell me wat can i do about it and btw i use win xp sp3 the microsoft version if that gonna help about sth thx on advance
  7. same here , that problem happen to me over and over , i didnt try it on the RCs versions i did only on the final version of SP3 but i got dead end wen i done install the whole system messed up

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