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  1. Critical Hotfixes for Windows Vista

    You're correct. This threads title is Critical Hotfixes for Vista. I didn't see a list in this thread for it, so I posted mine.
  2. Critical Hotfixes for Windows Vista

    I can read what it is. I visited the MUP thread before I posted here in this thread for the first time. Let me ask my question in a different way than I did in my last post. Why would I want to install 300 updates versus the 40 security updates?
  3. Critical Hotfixes for Windows Vista

    I did see that, maybe I'm not understand exactly what the MUP is. Why install all of those updates versus the ones that are recommended from the MS update site? - keep in mind, I've generally been reading the unattended XP forum and I'm new to Vista.
  4. Critical Hotfixes for Windows Vista

    Not sure if this is helpful to y'all, but it's my list of critical hotfixes I maintain for Vista 32 and Vista x64 that I insert into my install.wim. I didn't see any current list in here. Hopefully it's easy enough for you to figure out how I have everything listed for my needs. These two lists will include any hotfix that shows up in the windows updates site after you freshly install Vista 32 or Vista 64. Vista 32 - as of November 13, 2007 Vista 64 - as of November 13, 2007
  5. 5.7 Wishlist!

    An option to put in radio buttons instead of check boxes.
  6. WPI AutoRun not working

    You don't have to be rude with your responce with the typical "search next time" responce. How the heck do you think I found this thread in the first place? I SEARCHED FOR IT. It should have been a clue since I posted in this thread, instead of starting a new thread. You see, when I read Kev's post about the updated 'tools' I thought I knew where to look. I went to my newly downloaded 5.3.zip file and looked in the 'tool folder'. I saw nothing in there about autorun.ini I get it now, I see my error. I should have been looking on the website for the tools folder and dowload it from there. It took me a while to find the tools archive link because I was looking under downloads [which downloads the program again]. I'm downloading the tools file and I'll get my CD to autorun, thanks for you help.
  7. WPI AutoRun not working

    "D:\ is not avalid Win32 application." I'm getting that too. I'm installing WPI from CD seperate from my Windows install CD. autorun.inf is in my root. I've tried moving the wpi.hta to the root folder of the CD and still produce the same error. Today I finally stopped using WPI version 4.3.5 and downloaded 5.3. This was my main problem after I got the paths correct with the new version. any ideas on this one?
  8. Imaging New PCs

    I have a HD duplicating machine in my shop. Much easier than Ghost. [we used to use Ghost in the past] But when we were using Ghost, I had a boot floppy setup with switches to do everything what I wanted so there was no intervention. I can't recall exactly what process I was doing as it was 5 years ago [i know I had a DHCP server setup and I wanna say some networking boot service as well]
  9. Thanks for the help. It's just been one of those questions that's been on my mind for a while that's not of much importance, but finally decided to ask. Glad to know all of the current updates for XP are beyond the May 01 date. thanks again.
  10. lots of looks, but no one is sure of the hotfix order?
  11. this is correct. Talking with my Microsoft rep, they have no other method of unattend installaion with two partitions except for the network install method. Perhaps the future they will have something or the side project agonified is working on.
  12. the winbom.ini file resides on a floppy instead of the winnt.sif
  13. True, but few of the links are not working. Oddly enough, it's a majority of the links that I am interested in reading, but cannot. http://unattended.msfn.org/global/notcomp.htm
  14. Probably a dumb question, but I've wondered for some time now.... I have a batch file on a CD to install all of my windows hotfix's When I add the latest Microsoft August hotfix's to my batch file, does it matter if I place them first on my list or last on my list or does it not matter at all, as long as they are there?
  15. If I do a network install, using the Windows OPK disk that comes in the OEM 3-pack you can use this method in the winbom.ini file. I never tried this other than this method, so you can give it a try for your needs. 1. Create a configuration set using the SetupManager and save the winbom.ini to a floppy. 2. Modify the winbom.ini to configure the disk partitioning similar to the following: [DiskConfig] Disk1 = Drive0.Config [Drive0.Config] WipeDisk=Yes Size1 = 30000 FileSystem1 = NTFS SetActive1 = Yes PartitionType1 = Primary Size2 = * PartitionType2 = Extended Size3 = * PartitionType3 = Logical QuickFormat1=Yes QuickFormat3=Yes In the above example, you will get a primary partition of 30Gig and whatever is left as a secondary partition both formatted as NTFS. hope this helps..