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  1. Man, "if you are not using Apply...button..then your ISO will contains all edition with Vista Ultimate Edition with SP1" This was what I wanted to know. I don't care about my ISO contains all edition, but I want have Ultimate with SP1. Then I guess the way that I done is correct. The informations that vLite show is: Operation System: Windows Vista ULTIMATE Description: Windows Vista Ultimate Architecture: 32-Bit Version: 6.0.6001.18000 vLite: v1.1.6 RC (26/04/2008 04:40:17) I didn't find any information about Service Pack 1 but I found differents informations between Ultimate and the other versions: Version: and the vLite information don't have in other versions only in Ultimate version. Thanks Matiello
  2. Man, thank you for the info. But "I can use" or "I've to use" Apply? Because I make ISO without use Apply button. Is there a way to know If my ISO have integrated Service Pack 1? Thanks Matiello
  3. Hi guys, I'm using vLite to integrate Service Pack 1 only in my Windows Vista Ultimate. 1 - I've copied all the contents of my DVD. 2 - I've selected "Windows Vista Ultimate" 3 - I've gone to Splitstream and I've selected Service Pack 1 to integrate. 4 - After wait 60-90 minutes. I've gone to ISO and Make ISO. This way is correct? Did I create a new ISO of my Windows Vista Ultimate with Service Pack 1? Because my question is about the Apply button. Have I use this button or not? How can I know if my new ISO have Service Pack 1 integrated without need install the OS? Thanks Matiello