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  1. Hi nuhi, great to see you back These are my requests: --> Even if you only select driver integration and ISO creation... there are always some helper files that have no relation to driver integration added and other files modified. --> When a driver has been added, there is a huge delay on the first hardware install after Windows setup has been finished. It seems like some internal driver database is rebuilding. This is easily reproduceable, just plug in a USB thumbdrive after setup. It needs minutes to show up. Maybe you could have a look at this... Thank you very much for your great w
  2. I cannot get the F6 disk integration work with x64, will this be possible in future releases?
  3. Thank you very much, I'm able to choose the correct driver with F6 and Z now but when it starts copying files it displays the following error: PS: It seems there is a slightly newer version of DPMS available: http://chenall.net/post/g4d_hd_tools/
  4. I copy the contents of http://downloadmirror.intel.com/21408/eng/f6flpy-x86_11.2.0.1006.zip to a floppy disk and create the img file with http://www.chrysocome.net/rawwrite I attached the zipped img file ahci.zip
  5. Yes it continues when clicking cancel but then fails on reboot.. If I copy newest RST drivers to floppy, make an image with rawwritewin-0.7, include it using the advanced setting in WinSetupFromUSB, then pressing f6 and try to load driver I get the following error:
  6. I will test and report back... Yes, I've used Serebys Updatepack, no drivers sorry I didn't realize that there is an advanced options menu point
  7. When I'm using the DPMS auto detect feature I'm getting a popup with IaStor.sys not found message during hardware detection in graphical mode. It seems that the DPMS ISO is not mounted anymore. Also there is no option to include a floppy image.... Any ideas?
  8. Hi! I have a licence sticker and valid serial number but I cannot find the CDs any more. Does anyone have these mediums still lying around and could send them to me?
  9. This is a very good question. I noticed this behavior also in previous versions (about 1 year ago).
  10. i386\PLUGIN.OC_ not found
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