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  1. Universal Win2000 Image Advice Needed

    As i´ve said I tried it and it doesn´t work, keeps telling me that one file is corrupt or missing (ntoskrnl.exe) I think I´ll have to check if its truly that kernel or another one that windows renamed upon first installation, but for everything else, it seems to work fine, I could press F8 and the menu shows normally, doesn´t complain about HAL.DLL either or the registry for that case, but anyways, I don´t know the loading order of NTLDR... If someone would like to thinker on this and share results, I´ll be more than happy !!! Regards, Julio
  2. Faster Startup For Windows 2000?

    I know it´s a little off-topic, but I´m curious about the NTLDR part of this thread, I know that the Longhorn Beta 1 can be used on Windows XP, a cool side effect is that the Longhorn Beta 1 NTLDR has HAL and Kernel Autodetection, I wonder if this stuff works on windows 2000, in fact, I´ve opened a new topic about it, please let me hear opinions !!!! Regards to everyone !!!
  3. Hi, first of all, please apologize my english, for my personal regional settings are "GMT -3 Argentina" I started reading this post http://www.msfn.org/board/faster-startup-w...00-t118009.html Then suddenly, got hit by an awesome idea that another guy in other post on this very forum said, that is, to replace Windows XP NTLDR with the one that came with the Longhorn Beta 1 to get automatic detection of HAL and Kernel without having to make a BOOT.INI and hand pick it... That worked flawless for me on Windows XP, but now I really want to know if I can use Longhorn Beta 1 NTLDR on Windows 2000, has anyone tried it ??? If so please tell me, either way tonight I´m gonna give it a try, If someone is interested I can post my results in 12 hours or so, please If you tried it or have any clue about it DONT BE SHY AND ELABORATE !!!! I´ll read it !!! BTW I´ve read in other posts, that after a HAL and Kernel change is always better to boot into SAFEMODE, could you please explain why, thank you. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen !!! I´m all ears now, post now while it´s free !!! :D