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  1. I have KernelEx 4 RC2 installed under Win 98SE and Firefox 3.0.11 works fine except that it only prints blank pages. (Same result with all earlier versions of Firefox 3.) Print Preview pages are correctly displayed. Margins are set correctly (0.2") and I've varied zoom and tried "shrink to fit." I also use Acrobat Reader 7.8 under KernelEx and it prints correctly. All older versions of Gecko browsers print fine as do all other installed programs. Anybody have any hints? TIA.
  2. I had to disable KernelEx in "InCD.exe" and "InCDL.exe" to make Nero 6's "add/drag files" work in 98SE.
  3. With 98SE and Kernelex 4.0 RC 2, I can install Flash 10.0.22 but Firefox 3.0.7 crashes every time. (Seamonkey 1.1.15 complains about Flash 10 when it starts but after I close the dialog, Seamonkey works and Flash 10 works.) Reinstalling Flash 9.0 r159 eliminates all of these problems. Flash 10 use to work for me with Kernelex 0.3.5 but it hasn't worked since 0.3.6. Any suggestions?
  4. Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 doesn't work under 4.0 RC 1 for me. I've gone back to 0.3.6 and it works. On 98SE, I get a "Acrobat can't load core.dll" dialog as a start-up message and Reader 7.0 never loads.
  5. All is well now. I did download RICHED9X.EXE last week first and yesterday as well and both files were the same size with the same CRC so I never saw the dialog box. Now I do. I do not know why I got the wrong download on Feb. 16 but whatever happened is fixed now. Thanks for your help.
  6. RICHED20.DLL is ver. in latest RICHED9X.EXE . I am mentioning this in case you really intended ver. .

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