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  1. I saw the solution there, http://deployment.xtremeconsulting.com/2009/10/30/custom-wizard-pages/ it's good idea. Any one could help on the coding?
  2. MDT 2010

    What's the error in the task sequence log on the machine?
  3. Thanks the greate script writer. after run this batch against the windows 2000, I got the whole list as follow bootvid.dll kdcom.dll c_1252.nls c_437.nls l_intl.nls vgaoem.fon acpi.sys wmilib.sys atapi.sys disk.sys classpnp.sys dmio.sys dmload.sys ftdisk.sys intelide.sys pciidex.sys isapnp.sys ksecdd.sys mountmgr.sys partmgr.sys pci.sys videoprt.sys i8042prt.sys kbdclass.sys fdc.sys serial.sys serenum.sys cdrom.sys usbuhci.sys usbport.sys usbhub.sys usbd.sys flpydisk.sys sfloppy.sys vga.sys ntdll.dll fastfat.sys kbdus.dll 1394bus.sys 1394vdbg.sys abp480n5.sys acpiec.sys adpu160m.sys aha154x.sys aic78u2.sys aic78xx.sys aliide.sys amsint.sys asc.sys asc3350p.sys asc3550.sys c_037.nls c_10000.nls c_10006.nls c_10007.nls c_10010.nls c_10017.nls c_10029.nls c_10079.nls c_10081.nls c_10082.nls c_1026.nls c_1250.nls c_1251.nls c_1253.nls c_1254.nls c_1255.nls c_1256.nls c_1257.nls c_1258.nls c_20261.nls c_20866.nls c_20905.nls c_21866.nls c_28592.nls c_28593.nls c_28598.nls c_28605.nls c_500.nls c_737.nls c_775.nls c_850.nls c_852.nls c_855.nls c_857.nls c_860.nls c_861.nls c_863.nls c_865.nls c_866.nls c_869.nls c_874.nls c_875.nls c_932.nls c_936.nls c_949.nls c_950.nls cbidf2k.sys cdfs.sys cmdide.sys cpqarray.sys dac2w2k.sys dac960nt.sys dmboot.sys dpti2o.sys drvmain.sdb hidclass.sys hidparse.sys hidusb.sys hpn.sys i2omp.sys i2omgmt.sys ini910u.sys kbdal.dll kbdarme.dll kbdarmw.dll kbdaze.dll kbdazel.dll kbdbe.dll kbdblr.dll kbdbr.dll kbdbu.dll kbdca.dll kbdcr.dll kbdcz.dll kbdcz1.dll kbdcz2.dll kbdda.dll kbddv.dll kbdes.dll kbdest.dll kbdfc.dll kbdfi.dll kbdfr.dll kbdgae.dll kbdgeo.dll kbdgkl.dll kbdgr.dll kbdgr1.dll kbdhe.dll kbdhe220.dll kbdhe319.dll kbdhela2.dll kbdhela3.dll kbdhept.dll kbdhu.dll kbdhu1.dll kbdic.dll kbdir.dll kbdit.dll kbdit142.dll kbdkaz.dll kbdkyr.dll kbdla.dll kbdlt.dll kbdlt1.dll kbdlv.dll kbdlv1.dll kbdmon.dll kbdne.dll kbdnec.dll kbdno.dll kbdpl.dll kbdpl1.dll kbdpo.dll kbdsf.dll kbdsg.dll kbdsp.dll kbdsw.dll kbduk.dll kbdur.dll kbdusl.dll kbdusr.dll kbdusx.dll kd1394.dll mraid35x.sys ntfs.sys ntkrnlmp.exe ohci1394.sys oprghdlr.sys pciide.sys pcmcia.sys perc2.sys perc2hib.sys ql1080.sys ql10wnt.sys ql12160.sys ql1240.sys ql1280.sys ramdisk.sys sbp2port.sys scsiport.sys setupdd.sys setupreg.hiv slip.sys sparrow.sys spcmdcon.sys spddlang.sys streamip.sys sym_hi.sys sym_u3.sys symc810.sys symc8xx.sys tffsport.sys toside.sys usbccgp.sys usbehci.sys usbohci.sys usbstor.sys vga850.fon vga860.fon vga861.fon vga863.fon vga865.fon viaide.sys kbddiv1.dll kbddiv2.dll kbdfa.dll kbdindev.dll kbdinguj.dll kbdinhin.dll kbdinkan.dll kbdinmar.dll kbdinpun.dll kbdintam.dll kbdintel.dll kbdsyr1.dll kbdsyr2.dll kbdth0.dll kbdth1.dll kbdth2.dll kbdth3.dll kbdurdu.dll hal.dll ntkrnlmp.exe ntdetect.com hal.dll ultra.sys biosinfo.inf cd20xrnt.sys halaacpi.dll halacpi.dll halapic.dll halmacpi.dll halmps.dll halsp.dll lbrtfdc.sys ntdetect.com kbdhid.sys kbdheb.dll kbda1.dll kbda2.dll kbda3.dll and then I extract the 4 img files in BOOTDISK on windows 2000 CD, and compared the two folders. I found there are some different btw them, as shown in below (compared by UltraCompare) That may mean some files that piped by Create_MultiBoot_Folders_And_Files are not neccessary, such as C_037.NL_ C_10000.NL_ HALMACPI.DL_ HALMPS.DL_ HALSP.DL_ KBDUSR.DLL for detail, pls see Result.txt Any idea for improving the script? thanks in advanced.