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  1. Multiple File Renamer

    Thanks for all the replies. I used the 1-4a Tools. Worked at treat and took literally two sec's. Great program, with no installation.
  2. How long does it take to start WinXP

    It would be really hard to compare everyones startup times, simply because of the different applications people have loading up. I have my settings so that boot is a quick as possible. and it can take upto 40secs sometimes. I have sipgate come on at startup, two sound card applications, Wireless card application and DU meter. I have the Windows Classic theme for less RAM usage and that little more extra performance, and the installation is only 4 days old.
  3. Multiple File Renamer

    Basically as the title may suggest, I need some software which would be able to rename a whole set of MP3 files. The files were uploaded to rapidshare, which automatically files spaces with underscores and now some of the files also are in capitals. I have been through a few pieces of software without any luck. Basically all I want is the have the Underscores replaced with Spaces and have the Uppercase letter replaced with only the first letter being uppercase and the rest lowercase. So if anyone knows of some software that would be able to do that I would be most grateful.
  4. I did a fresh reinstall of XP and all the software a week ago. Before that I had outlook setup with my hotmail account with outlook connector and it worked really well and was better than using the web interface. But sicne the reinstall I cant get it to work properly. I installe office 2003, just like before, and followed by outlook connector. Then started up outlook and it asked for the hotmail username and password, which i filled out and is correct. It creates the new profile and shows the structure of my folders. But there are no messages in any of them. Even after I do send and recieve no messages are downloaded, even the ones that are unread. At the outlook connector toolbar shows that I am connected to the mail service and shows the correct amount of storage that I have used. I have tried everything I can think of. Its been a long time since I last set it up, so I may be doing something wrong, I believe it has something to do with Downloading folders, but I cannot find now way of doing that in outlook. Any ideas on how to get my messages into outlook. Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  5. N-lite Stuck

    I have just used N-lite to integrate SP3 and add SATA drivers, and WPI to the installation. WPI has got lots of apps including office 2003. The driverrs were integrated using Intel's Guide on how to add the drivers to an installation, not with n-lite, but it does show that drivers have been added. Anyway, when I came to make the Bootable ISO to test on Vmware, it got stuck at 'Preparing 37.926/37.926'. I have left it on for a while and still nothing It does not move. Exiiting adn trying again just makes it go straight to 37.926. what's the problem, CPU is a 50% on dual core all the time. How do I solve this problem.
  6. Totally Remove Network adapters

    In the end I gave up on finding a solution for the problem, so wiped it and fresh installed. Only took 8 hours to get most my programs back on, and some of the customizations back on
  7. Monitor Into Standby

    I like to watch movies on my TV, so I hook up my laptop to the TV and start the movie. It automatically runs it full screen on my TV and in normal windows for my laptop screen, which is the way I like it. But I would like to put the laptop screen into standby while I play the movie on my TV manually. I tried on program but it puts both my Laptop and TV screen output off. Power management settings in XP work fine to swtich off one monitor but I dont want to wait the time that you have with power management, it gets a little distracting seeing the same film on two screens. Is there a program that could help me?
  8. [Help] High windows media player CPU usage

    Sound like a problem with a conflicting application. Run it playing song and start-up task manager. The slowly kill the processes that arel isted with your user name and see if it helps. I only face this problem once with winamp and google talk on a celeron.
  9. If your using say a Dell or HP laptop I am sure that if you googled your make and model into google you will find the names of the hardware that is in the product. I good place you may want to look at is the PC World Tech Guys. Try this link: http://support.thetechguys.com/layout.aspx...8-ac6a26367e10} It should give you a list of your full hardware and the software that comes with your PC, if it is listed.
  10. I play a lot of games on my PC. I run a dual boot with Windows 2000 and Windows XP Pro. I used XP pro and it has all my programs installed, whereas Windows 2000 has a few programs and only installed because I needed once for some networking tasks. Anyway, my problem is ping with the game and Ventrilo and voice client for gaming. The ping on my games is around 80+ms yet on windows 2000 with the same game server the ping is half that around 40-50ms. On ventrilo the ping is the same but as soon as it sends any voice data the ping reaches 2000+ms creating great delay in the time it takes for the voice to get to the other person yet it works fine when I tested it on Windows 2000 with the same PC, router and server. I would use windows 2000 but I have far too many programs and a personalized set-up on my XP and even when gaming I just get annoyed with the lack of programs and have to come back onto XP. I have tried tweaking programs and TCP/IP repair programs but this did not help at all. In fact I think that is what has caused all the problems in the first place. I have set the MTU to match the routers and I have looked at many sites and guide on how to work out the RWIN, but still no luck. I uninstalled the wireless adapter that I am using which is the same one that I am using in windows 2000 but all that did is when I reninstalled it was append the device with a number after the device name, after I change the USB port. I there a way of removing ALL of the network adapters on the machine totally even the one that would now appear not connected onto the PC so that XP will set the settings up correctly again. It worked fine when I first installed XP what messed it up was the TCP/IP tweaking. I don't want to reinstall XP, and waste a day getting things back to the way they were. I would assume the process of removing all the devices would involve deleting registry keys and the device manager way do not seem to remove everything. Sorry about the long read, but I thought the more detail the more chance someone could help me out. Thanks for any help in advance.