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  1. Why would you need to end process? Anyway you can make .REG file in which you can put lines for any program to be loaded at startup, and then execute that .REG file with your cmd file to put startup entries in registry.
  2. Does anybody know where in registry windows store folder's toolbar position information like: when I unlock the toolbars and move its components for example : I put address bar under toolbar buttons and it is in the same line as File Edit View ... and then i lock it again and i want to save that to my unattended win setup
  3. Can someone please tell me how to get clean Add/Remove programs list after installing windows with unattended setups like Microsoft Office 2003, .Net Framework...? I tried manually to delete entries from registry and it doesn't remove them all after the first boot. Are there any parameters for these unattended setups that can disable uninstallation to look like it is original part of windows?
  4. Download PE Explorer, open SMSS.exe which is located in Win setup directory : xxx\I386\SYSTEM32. When you open SMSS.exe with PE Explorer click on Resource Viewer/Editor and in the left pane you will see: Bitmap, Message Table, and Version. Expand Message Table tree and you will see another long list of resources like: Block 000... which are used in win setup, edit them and voila!!
  5. Neo is da man!!! Thanx dude! tothanhtuan use Pe Explorer to modify this file. I tried Resource Hacker but it doesn't work with this, it freezes when I try to compile text script!!
  6. Check this out: http://www.askvg.com/hacking-system-proper...-in-windows-xp/
  7. Please I wanna know about this too! Does anybody have any information on this?
  8. No, only few small bitmaps in it, looks like resources for small window that appears over the billboard in win setup. Thanks anyway.
  9. Does anybody know which files to edit to change that logonUI-like mini setup which appears after the first boot?
  10. Please can someone tell me is it possible to install silent Office 2003 directly from CD/DVD at 12 min. stage via cmdlines.txt app install method? I tried this: in cmdlines.txt wrote line "setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /q" (all needed setup files for Office 2003 are in OEM folder), and it seems like its really unpacking and copying files to HDD at 12 min stage, because it takes more time to install than before, and after windows setup I looked everywhere but all office data is missing from HDD. Same problem is with MCE updates Rollup 2, october rollup and net framework 2. Unattended t-12 install worked with slipstreamed .Net Framework 1.1 with SP1, windows installer 3, vcredist and many other updates.

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