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  1. Hi, The mediafire link is dead. Where can I get the file? Thanks, John
  2. Thanks for the tip. I've literally searched for hours and while I can find other diskpart issues, I cannot find one similar to my own. Can someone point me in the right direction, perhaps with a specific post? Regards, John
  3. I'm using a UFD (USB Flash Drive) with WinPE 2.0 and ImageX to deploy an XPe image. Here's what I'm doing: 1) Install UFD and SATA hard disk into system with power off. 2) Power on and boot PC to BIOS boot drive menu with F12, select UFD with WinPE 2.0 (both SATA drive and UFD are considerd hard drives by the BIOS). 3) Use diskpart to prepare hard disk: diskpart /s d:\script.txt select disk 0 clean create partition primary select partition 1 active exit 4) format c: /fs:ntfs /y /v:harddisk 5) d:\imagex.exe /apply d:\filename.wim 1 c: I run into a problem when using a brand new harddisk compar
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