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  1. Koala6


    oooh yes vcant, you're right... it's a "little" slow , that's why I was looking for another Webspace the last days. I Think I'll change it in the next weeks. THX for your visit
  2. Koala6


    Hi @ll : In the last weeks i made a discussion board for admins, "upcomming admins" and all who are interested in stuff like Windows Server & Client Systems, Linux Server & Clients, Novell Netware and other kind of server systems like Web-, FTP-, Mail-, Proxyservers and so on. Since i bagan training in MS Systems and Cisco, it was very hard to find boards like that in german. So i offered a little money and made it myself. The Team isn't very big 'till now, but it'll getting better over the time I hope. What I want to say you... taka a look it and let me know, if something's wrong. Greetings Koala6
  3. Koala6

    British Soldier Deaths

    Hey all ! I know, that you might not want to hear a "sauerkraut voice" but I think I should tell you another opinion. To work with modern technic wihtin a very modern warfare and the human stress inside each soldier (made by war), is very hard to manage. This is not a way to excuse the mistakes made in the last days, but a thing we all have to keep in mind ! To make mistakes is human and it's happening between our ears. I think that all involved military troops do their very best and they give all that they have inside to be victorious within a very shot time. So... please don't accuse the guys doing their job for you. With the best soldierluck to the troops in iraq Koala6
  4. Koala6

    The World Responds

    Hi xper ! I did like you told me... was a lot read and to understand and don't know if I got it all... Koala6
  5. Koala6

    Danish Pizzeria Bans French And Germans

    hi @ll : We're having this theme since the second world war in germany. Not everyone in a country is sharing the actual political opinions... the beginning of very strange things can be read in the book called "the wave" (Die Welle). Lots of people haven't learned anything from past sorry, Koala6
  6. Koala6

    The World Responds

    Hi guys ! I wasn't here for a long time - and I'm sorry about that ! But this evening (in europe) while "the world" is going to have a war in Iraq, I was interested in the different opinions about all these things. I haven't read all postings at this time (but i will do) and I'm not very very proud about all the stuff that happened the last weeks but I want you to read the lines, written by Chris de Burgh because I think, that this is all we could say about wars in the world. I'm very dissapointed that all political methods fail and that we'll have to see a lot of innocent people die ! Think about all the soldiers... they have to do their job and all their families - think about all the civilians... they never want this war. Me, and I'm a soldier too, I don't want this war ! Tell me guys : When we can discuss all kinds of themes and threads all over world in every kinds of boards and newsgroups no difference which nationality we are... why can't we live together in peace ? Best wishes to you Koala6
  7. Koala6

    Temp. Internet Files and Internet History

    Hi @ll ! I played around with a lot of batch files but in the end the best solution ist to create a ramdisk (download freeware prog here) and have the temp internet files written into it. So when you close down your machine, the ramdisk will be deleted. At every start the files will be recreated by the system. Koala6
  8. Koala6

    FTP and Firewall Router

    Hi gamehead200 I had the same probs with my linksys router. I've found the following way only to make the things work : Look at the advanced config menu under the toppic "DMZ Host" and enter the IP of your FTP Server here (comment of linksys :This feature sets a local user to be exposed to the Internet. Any user on the Internet can access in/out data from the DMZ host. Enable the feature as you wish to use special-purpose service). So when you use this feature, be shure to have a firewall installed on your FTP machine and make the port 21 available ! Oh... and another tip : The Linksys Routers are available at 192.168.1.xxx. Be shure to have your local network in the same address range (192.168.1.xxx with a Subnet Mask Koala6
  9. Koala6

    Show Yourself!

    Hi Guys ! Here's a photo of me and my girlfriend....
  10. Koala6

    Help NTFS how to....

    @GeForce-5 : Don't know if PQ Magic8 lets you do that, sorry. @DumDum : Hey Guy... move your head up ! When you are a little experienced in NTFS you will do nothing without it. But... I can't understand why it didn't work on your machine. I've tried it here at home and it worked fine. As Administrator you can take the ownership of any files on your system / hd ! Koala6
  11. Koala6

    Help NTFS how to....

    Sorry gamehead200 but as far as I know you can not downconvert from NTFS to FAT32. From FAT to NTFS is ok but it won't work the other way. @DumDum : Login as Admin or a user with admin privilegs and open the Explorer. Do a right klick on the folder you want to access and choose properties and on the properties dialogue choose security. Klick the button at the right side ... in the german release it's called "Erweitert" - I think it should be "advanced" in the english release(Don't know how the button in your release is called). In the following dialogue you can take the ownership of the folders and subfolders. The reason for your trouble is that you made a new install. The users you created on the fresh system have the same name and pass, but the system gave them a different SID (Security ID) so that they are not the same than before... Koala6
  12. Koala6

    CD - Windows XP SP1 update

    ...so what's up amdmstf ? Are you sleeping ? I'm comming soon too
  13. Koala6

    The Windows XP backdoor ..

    ...hey crispy... most of the backdoors fixed with xp-antispy are pre sp1 problems. We'll have to wait a while until all spy attacks from sp1 are figuered out... stay tuned (hehe) Koala6
  14. Koala6

    CD - Windows XP SP1 update

    Ok... (I'm shure that you'll do your best :user ) Koala6
  15. Koala6

    The Windows XP backdoor ..

    Hi Crispy ! If you want to read a little bit abaout the backdoors try this Page. All Informations are also availible in english. Have Fun Koala6