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  1. Thanks, just what I was looking for! Do the extensions work in Vista? I'll see for myself soon...
  2. Odd, I know. It's a Runtime error. Does Nero 8 behave properly with WPI?
  3. Well I went from running WPI fine one day. The next day I got errors. In between that time I installed .NET 3.5. And Now I'm trying to uninstall/repair .NET 2.0 and it's not going well. According to my ".NET Verifier" My 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 .NET can't be verified. Now I'm afraid I won't be able to fix it. I have IE7 installed, though I don't use it. Again, I believe my .NET framework has lost its integrity. And it was unintentionally my fault. I know .NET 2.0 is a requirement for WPI to run, right? Not sure where I saw that... Anyways, Me trying to repair/uninstall .NET 2.0 led to making the problem
  4. I wasn't trying to install anything with WPI, I ran WPI fine before. In order to Add program to the WPI List. I was working on a UACD. I was then going to test it on a completely separate pc. The Computer which I was doing this on has a standard MCE05 installation, it was not slipstreamed or anything. Again, It was running WPI.HTA fine just 2 days ago, Now when I run it, I get several error. I'm Certain I screwed up my .Net framework. Fixing it, Is going to be a huge hassle onto itself. Oh, and it is running Nero 8 Lite, However irrelevant it is.
  5. It wasn't during an install. It was just adding programs, compiling I guess you could say the WPI folder. Pretty sure that .Net update screwed something up. Again, sorry for the confusion, it was just on my main Desktop, MCE05, that It happened on, NOT during an install or anything. I use to have issues with .net 2.0, when I was having issues with Update Rollup 2. At the time I acquired this ".Net Verifier" and I ran it to check, It states that .Net 2.0 has failed. .Net 1.1/3.0, etc. Check out fine. So its on my end, It's not WPI's fault. I'll see if re-installing .Net 3.5 fixes it... I'll Pos
  6. Ok, So I was working on a WPI install, putting it together that is. Today, I start it up and I get some run time errors. Screen goes to white, RunTime Error -> I click ok. There's like 3-4 errors one after another. The Background WPI images eventually load, and then there's a Javascript Report Box. I end up simply exiting it. I thought I had screwed up my WPI folder, So I Download a fresh rar file from the site. Was v6.4 just posted? Anyways, I extract, and it's the same thing. So obviously its my machine. I did run an upgrade yesterday, .Net 3.5 I believe. Could that have screwed something
  7. Yes, You are right to think that. That's all you do, is add that Section somewhere in your winnt file. I just started looking into these things. And am going to start making my own UACD. Maybe you can then help me? =P Like how you got WMP11 and IE7 Integrated.
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