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  1. Do you guys manage to watch videos on Twitter? https://twitter.com/jamieleecurtis/status/1005087216362754048 Nothing happens when I press Play..
  2. Woo, a bunch of message disappeared. Anyway, a strange finding, the videos on this site do NOT exhibit the issue. At the 25 minutes mark, there's a slight hiccup where the video usually freezes, but in this case the video resumes on its own and playback continues as if nothing happened. I experience the issue everywhere else, even on youtube. :/
  3. After a month and a half using AHCI, I went back to IDE. Some of you might be interested in the reasons: 1. Burst rate is significantly worse with AHCI. HDTune reports 120MB/s with AHCI versus 140MB/s with IDE HD Tach reports 200MB/s with AHCI versus 225MB/s with IDE. (why Tune & Tach don't give the same values is a mystery, but in all cases IDE > AHCI) 2. CPU consumption is definitely higher when using AHCI compared to IDE for seemingly no speed increase whatsoever. 3. AHCI introduces a HDD sleep bug ! I have 2 HDDs. In XP (SP3) power management, I set to switch off the HDDs after 2 hours of inactivity. When I'm using AHCI, the 2nd HDD never goes to sleep, EVER, if the first one isn't already asleep. With the same power management settings under IDE, no problem, 2nd HDD goes to sleep after desired time alright even if first HDD keeps being active. 4. Resume from standby is a bit slower. So for now i'll forget about AHCI for my current config. Btw, going back to IDE is easy as hell, just swith back to IDE in BIOS, reboot and all is fine. If you're sure you won't be ever going back to AHCI you can remove the intel matrix storage manager driver (iaStor) Later, TSR
  4. hmm maybe it depends for which ASUS motherboard. On my P5K-VM, the AHCI option has always shown up, from factory BIOS 0401 to the latest BIOS 0704 released on 2008/02/15. It doesn't make sense to remove this option from the BIOS because AHCI on ICH9 is working perfectly fine and without needed tricks on Windows Vista with built-in AHCI driver. The BIOS 704 makes it clear and specifies that AHCI mode should only be enabled when using Vista. Only XP users need to do the trick we do in this thread.. So imagine someone installing Vista with AHCI enabled, then if he ever updates the BIOS to one that doesn't have the feature, he would be royally screwed? See you, TSR
  5. captainvideo, thanks a lot for your tutorial on getting the Console to work. It indeed does work, yet we can't alter any settings so it's pretty useless, as you said. At least it showed both my drives have the NCQ feature if i ever needed confirmation It didn't even occur to me some programs were still working with C:\Windows\temp instead of the temp folder in docs&settings ^^; Oh another question for you guys: is there any software that can read the S.M.A.R.T. capabilities when the drive is in AHCI mode? HDTune can't anymore since switching from IDE Emulation. See you, TSR
  6. It would be a hack without any doubts. I wonder where the app is actually stored as it's not extracted/visible when using -A command on the installer..
  7. Hey guys, i was wondering if there was a way to install the Intel Matrix Storage CONSOLE, to check what modes the drives are in, if NCQ is enabled or not (it seems it's an activable feature, it's not ALWAYS enabled as soon as AHCI is enabled as I've read elsewhere...) Thanks for this info.
  8. Indeed, doing a "Windows Update" search gives me the result page much faster. (I would say between half and 2/3 of the time it took before) In a similar manner, opening many tabs simultaneously in IE7 seem much more responsive than before. Happy camper here. What did you guys experience, seems faster for you too? Later, TSR
  9. Ghost 2003 imaging worked perfect too No problem whatsoever with Ghost2003 with AHCI enabled in BIOS. Gotta use the additional "-FNI" command line so it forces Ghost to work with your HDD SATA. (for those wondering, -FNI is better than -NOIDE because Ghost still sees IDE CD/DVD drives with -FNI while it doesn't with -NOIDE, allowing you to burn a selfbooting backup image directly to a DVD) Coming back to perf, Windows XP definitely boots a LOT faster with AHCI.. only the "burst rate" report from HDTune has me troubled. See you, TSR
  10. I did it guys! It worked perfectly on P5K-VM with ICH9 southbridge. Switched AHCI in BIOS. Then had to reboot AGAIN in BIOS for HDD drive to be detected under a new AHCI section that appeared in BIOS, THEN rebooted to windows finally and finished installing the driver. First, there is a small issue with the instructions. Because if you replace the lines in iaahci.inf from latest intel package, you will have two entries with: "PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2923&CC_0106.DeviceDesc" at the bottom of the INF. You must erase the first one and keep the one that you modded and that finishes by this : = "Intel® ICH9 SATA AHCI Controller" I think it's purely cosmetic for the name of the entry in device manager but it was worth saying. About the new performance when comparing emulated IDE to AHCI+NCQ, I must say i am mixed. From MY feeling, it is much faster especially when cold booting windows, maybe 10 seconds less. But then i checked the drives performance under HDTune, and strange results, the Burst Rate is bad with AHCI!!! What's going on?? My 2 HDDs are Samsung sata drives with NCQ support. Apart from that, my IDE DVD-RW Drive still works the same, no problem. I am going to try making a backup with Ghost 2003 now... See you, TSR
  11. hey guys, here is what i have in my (french) device manager. P5K-VM mobo (ICH9) with 2 SATA HDDs (connected physically to SATA ports 1 & 2 on mobo) and 1 DVD-RW drive (connected physically on IDE port, drive is NOT sata). I see another entry "Standard IDE double channel PCI controller" that isn't in your picture puntoMX. Do you think it is still safe to attempt the mod?
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